Pothole season: It's crunch time

February 21, 2014 

  • We asked: Where are the city's worst potholes?

    You said:

    ■ Leestown Road between Alexandria and Masterson Station: "Outbound lane, just past Alexandria. I hit it Monday, blew the sidewall on my tire and bent the rim. Before I finished changing the tire, a crew had put in a cold patch. It's already re-forming and sinking. Beware!" David Shaw

    ■ Versailles Road from Red Mile Road to where it turns into Maxwell: "This the roughest patch of road in town. The road was paved last summer, stopping at Red Mile Road. They didn't finish their job. Something needs to be done with this road, either fix it or shut it down. I hate to think of people coming in to town." Sandy Potts

    ■ Nichols Park Road between Lowes and Wal-Mart: "It's actually more than one; it's a series of potholes of different depths. It's almost as if once one started to fall in, there were several others around it which began to cave as well. A driver must dodge/swerve to avoid them." Greg Martin

  • Have you seen a pothole?

    If you've seen a big pothole, you can report it: Call LexCall at 311 or dial (859) 425-2255.

    Use LexCall 311's iPhone application.

  • Whose claim is it?

    If your car is damaged by a pothole, check your policy and call your insurance company.

    Insurance officials say collision coverage — depending on the policy — might cover a collision caused by a pothole. If a pothole caused a tire blowout and damage to the wheel, suspension or bumper, that might also be covered. But "normal wear and tear road damage" is not covered under a typical auto policy.

March is peak season for potholes in Fayette County.

This week's break from winter — what WKYT Chief Meteorologist Chris Bailey has said is probably a false start to spring — caused breaks in concrete and asphalt throughout the county.

As of Friday, Lexington's Division of Streets and Roads had repaired 1,917 potholes.

We noticed them and thought we would ask you where you saw some of the biggest potholes, before they were filled.

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