Ask Angie: Billing: Flat rate vs. itemized contractor bills

angieslist.comFebruary 21, 2014 


Angie Hicks


Dear Angie: Should contractors itemize their bills?

Is that the norm, or is flat-rate billing more typical? — Roger E., Parker, Colo.

Dear Roger: In recent years, flat-rate bills have become more common.

Several highly rated contractors our team interviewed say flat-rate bills are better for customers because they make it easier to compare bids and shop around for better prices.

Flat-rate billing also can prevent contractors from adding extra charges during or after completion of a project.

When contractors run into problems during a repair or remodel, a pre-negotiated flat-rate price can save the consumer money because he or she is paying by the job, not the hour.

On the other end, contractors benefit from a flat-rate system if they complete a job ahead of schedule.

Flat-rate bills also offer a quicker way to invoice, and service providers say they're easier for consumers to understand.

Unless a consumer knows how much each step of a large home project should cost, an itemized bill may seem more like a puzzle than a potential money saver.

Highly rated home service contractors say other businesses, including car dealerships and auto body shops, have used flat-rate billing systems for years and that most responsible contractors today use some type of flat-rate system.

When searching for a contractor, after ensuring that the company has good references and is appropriately licensed, insured and bonded:

■ Get several estimates to confirm that the flat-rate price each quotes seems fair and reasonable.

■ Ask for an itemized bill if you'd rather know exactly what you're paying for and if you're savvy enough to decipher it.

If a contractor you're considering can't provide one, move on to one who will.

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