Letters to editor: Feb. 24

February 24, 2014 

Accept deserved punishment

Guy Hamilton-Smith is unhappy the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that he will not be able to take the bar exam until he is no longer on the sex-offender registry, which will be in another 18 years. He says his appeal is not about him.

He reminds me of a door-to-door salesman who does not really want to sell you something you don't want but just wants to get his foot in the door. He wants to "advocate on behalf of those who are hated, who are lost, and who are forgotten" (fellow sex offenders). Nowhere in his column did he offer to be an advocate on behalf of the children whose lives are forever filled with misery, mistrust, guilt and hopelessness, to feed an industry that his perverted interest and those like him created.

He feels that the sex-offender registry "provides a false sense of security to parents" because it places the problem of sexual offending onto just those already convicted. Does he want those charged and not convicted to be listed? An 18-year wait is not long enough.

Pat Carter


Poll wrong on local taxes

I understand that the Herald-Leader is such a far left, socialistic rag that its stance would make the Kennedy family look conservative.

But, if possible, I ask you to reconsider your Feb. 10 article, "Majority favors amendment for local sales tax."

In the words of the late musician Ernie Ford, "Bless your pea-picking heart."

I don't know if you are so naïve, dumb, eat-up with the liberal agenda of tax and spend or just crazy, but I have a deal for you.

Let's go out on the streets — with you picking the city and time — and ask the question to any and all: "Do you want cities to have the ability to tax you more?"

I will give you $5 for every no answer and you give me $2.50 for every yes answer. I am retired but can always use a bunch more for my living expenses.

I have another deal: If you believe the Bluegrass Poll and whatever questions they asked, I want to sell you an oceanfront property in Arizona. Real cheap.

Jim Terry


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