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Letters to the editor: Feb. 25

February 25, 2014 

AT&T has already abandoned rural Kentucky

I keep reading about AT&T's effort to legally abandon land-line service in Kentucky.

I question this action when it is apparent that the company is already letting wire lines rot in rural areas.

We have a farm near Mount Sterling where we were (poorly) supplied with AT&T Internet service and land-line telephone service.

We had previously had AT&T cellphone service which was based initially on the company's claim that the cell signal was "good." It seems that "good" for AT&T means non-existent for much of the time, or a one-bar signal that reduces to zero by the time you greet and lose your call.

Last fall, we had a deteriorating signal over the land line. Our nominal 1.5 megabits per second signal strength was reduced to 0.2 mbps on good days.

Our land-line phones developed such static problems that they were useless.

But, despite repeated calls to AT&T, the company declined to send anyone to check the lines. The repairman did call me one day (on the replacement Verizon cellphones) to tell me he'd checked the equipment two miles up the road and all was fine. When I asked when he was coming by to check the land lines, he told me they didn't do that any more.

He didn't make house calls.

So, why bother with changing the law when they're abandoning the lines under present regulation?

Oh, AT&T sent me an ad yesterday for cheap land-line service.

If anyone from AT&T reads this, you have not only burnt that bridge, you have nuked the rubble.

H. Stephen Midkiff

Mount Sterling

Wrong channel

What about Bill Nye and Jerry Tipton (of this paper) being in the same sinking boat? Tipton, in his column, recently said that it is impossible to know if there is a God, let alone knowing whether he cares about sports.

That is what one says who is outside looking in. I sent him an answer to the effect that if you see a truck driver talking on the CB, you know he's talking to someone, you just don't know who — you have to be on the same channel. Tipton is on the wrong channel.

As for Nye, when asked about atoms and matter, where they come from, he said scientists are making discoveries every day. With this he totally agrees with my physics teacher at Mayo years ago. He said that scientists said if you went by fractions from zero to one you would never get there. So by his own words he is defeated. As for the Big Bang theory, it's still just a theory.

Let me help that out. I drive a coal truck. Very often I have to wait on the hill for a blast to be put off.

When it goes off, there is chaos and disorder. That is why everybody rails against us. At no time has any blast ever made something work, never will. These guys might be passionate about what they say, but passion doesn't make it right.

Ray E. Davis

Hager Hill

Wage jobs not war

Republicans have always wanted us poor hard-working souls to eat chicken feed and be slaves to the top 10 percent in this country. All elected Republican officials are yes-people to the rich lobbyists. They have always made us bottom 10 percent live in oppression to the rich in this country.

No one knows what raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will do, for we have not tried it. Since 1951 inflation has skyrocketed while the minimum wage has not kept up.

Don't tell me to get a better education and job, for you Republicans have not created 46 million better-paying jobs. Besides, someone has to do the dirty work. This smells of Hitlerism, shaming people into doing things. Don't be like Bush and Cheney in creating wars in place of jobs.

All Republicans are acting as if they have wings when it comes to the gay community, abortions and Bill Clinton. Jesus tells "those without sin to cast the first stone." As a matter of fact it sounded as if he may have a personal relationship with the woman at the well.

Victor Privett


Balloons for skeptics

Climate change denialists like to cite what they call an anomaly in the atmospheric warming trend and claim that it disproves man-made climate change. To them, a short-term variation negates the studied conclusions made from long-period data by nearly all expert climate scientists and all respected scientific organizations.

The denialists' cherry-picked, so-called anomaly says that atmospheric temperature has not changed in the past 16 years while CO2 has gone up 8 percent. There are indeed variations in temperature over short periods due to El Nino/Southern Oscillation, etc.

But notice that, denialists also ignore that the ocean, which occupies 71 percent of the Earth's surface, has warmed, leading to sea level rise and polar ice melting. How could the oceans warm more than the air?

A scientist would do an experiment to answer this question, not just pontificate a cherry-picked opinion. So here is a cocktail party experiment to test this question. Get some rubber party balloons and fill one with air and another with water. Have an adult wearing safety glasses touch the flame from a butane lighter to the skin of the air balloon. Pop. Now, do the same with the water-filled balloon. Think about what is happening to the heat from the flame as this balloon blackens and seconds tick away. Consider that water steals the heat and does not let the balloon skin melt. The ocean is a heat sink. For a more sophisticated explanation, surf the web for "skeptical science."

George Wagner


Hope for energy bill

Jan. 29 was the first statewide day of action for the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition in 2014, with a focus on showing our representatives that the people in Kentucky, young and old, are ready for a transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

This transition not only would allow us to continue to be an energy-producing state but would create thousands of good jobs and safeguard our natural resources for future use. Hundreds of calls on several different campuses were made to representatives across the state, including to Rep. Keith Hall, chair of the Energy and Tourism committee, where House Bill 195, the Clean Energy Opportunity Act, has been assigned.

This is the fourth time that this bill has been introduced, but KSEC and other members of the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance are feeling confident it will make some movement this year.

This a turning point for our economy, and there is overwhelming support from the grass roots to help make this bill a reality. This is also an election year, in which our representatives might be paying a bit more attention to the cries of their constituents.

Stand with Kentuckians for a green economy and a healthy future and contact your representative about HB 195 today.

Cara Cooper


On Sunday editorial about Ag Commissioner James Comer's E. Ky. plan

You liberals are really hypocritical. So what if McConnell and Paul were at his function. They can help bring in resources. I suppose if the Clintons or some other liberal held the kind of meeting for gambling or bourbon it would be great.

Dudley Gaines


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