Letters to the editor: Feb. 28

February 28, 2014 

Paul taking right stand on work, responsibility

Sen. Rand Paul is to be commended. His "enough is enough" comments about unmarried mothers stands for what is right in a society. The general consensus is "I have a right," without accepting responsibility for their actions requires an enormous amount of intestinal fortitude.

In my 12 years as a Kentucky resident I have observed very few politicians who will either lead, follow or get out of the way.

While consulting a young woman who already had two small children, a friend who is a social worker observed that she was pregnant again. When asked what she was thinking, the young woman curtly replied that she would get more money from the state.

I have a niece in McCreary County, who when asked why she did not seek employment, replied straight forwardly, "I would only make a few dollars a week more than I draw." 'Nuff said.

Phillip M. Ellis


Weary of egotistical men

To quote Rand Paul, "Enough is enough."

These egotistical men, who make statements that women need to control their urges and accept responsibility for their actions, gall me. They do not self pollinate.

Time for Mike Huckabee and Paul to sleep on the couch for an extended period of time.

Lest you think I'm a young woman wanting freebies from the government, rest assured I'm well past the child-bearing age.

Paul should be concerned less about Bill Clinton and remember Richard Nixon, someone from his own GOP who left unwillingly from the presidency.

Mildred Fitch


Bad time for wage hike

It appears the full-court press is on for a minimum wage increase both on the national and state levels. A mandated wage, (regardless if the employee is actually worth it or not) be it $10 an hour or $50 an hour is a zero-sum game.

Whatever the minimum wage is will become the bottom of the national pay scale and will always seem inadequate because the price of almost everything adjusts to it.

With the liberating aspects of Obamacare now being touted, like not having to work so hard, it would seem the last thing needed would be increased pay.

Raising the minimum wage would actually hurt the working poor by reducing the subsidies provided by Obamacare.

David Denney


Easier way to execute

I read the article about the Ohio inmate's execution, how he suffered for 26 minutes before death and how the injection drugs were cruel and unusual punishment.

Well the solution to this problem is a simple one: carbon monoxide. A painless death that happens to hundreds every year due to faulty heaters, autos warming up in the garage, etc. Put a hose on an auto exhaust pipe and run it into the execution chamber. A cheap and painless death.

Danny C. Roberts


Gambling addictive

Which is better — prevention or cure? If it is the flu or polio, it's prevention. Get the shots. If it's gambling, Gov. Steve Beshear is saying infect them, then try to cure them.

Kentucky has laws that say people who deal in addictive substances can go to jail. Casino gambling is addictive. The governor and every member of the General Assembly knows it.

Gambling is not legal in Kentucky. You can make it legal, but you cannot make it right.

How big could this problem become? One addict per county would result in 120 new addicts. What if it becomes 10 per county? Then, you would have 1,200 new addicts. How can you treat another 1,200 addicts?

What about the families? An average of four per family would be almost 5,000 people depending on state aid. Can you pay for it?

Beshear should look in the mirror and ask himself, "Is this good for the people of Kentucky?" Bring some good manufacturing jobs to our state. Please do not bring casinos that will rob our people of billions of dollars.

Bob McCray


Regulations essential

In spite of all the hot air from politicians, there really is no "war on coal." To the contrary, coal is waging war on us.

For example: chemical spills, slurry pond floods, destroyed mountains, damaged roads, tainted water, dirty air, acid rain, black lung, greenhouse gases. The list goes on. Regulations over the coal industry is only society's way of protecting itself.

Richard Kuehl


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