Welcome 'Wumo' to the comics pages

March 2, 2014 

To our readers, especially our comics fans: We're doing it again.

We know that readers of our comics pages rarely like change, and we know that every strip on the page has its fans, so we don't make changes lightly.

Change, though, is inevitable, even in Comics Page World.

This time, we're saying goodbye to Get Fuzzy (Sunday is the last day of the strip) and saying hello to a European import: Wumo, starting Monday.

First, the farewell. Fans of Get Fuzzy have surely noticed that the strip has been "on vacation" for the better part of a year and a half, interrupted mainly by new Sunday strips recently.

Several readers have complained about the repeated strips, and Get Fuzzy's "vacation" is not likely to change, so we decided to put the strip on permanent leave from our pages.

Now the hello. Wumo, distributed by Universal, is a comic created by two artists in Denmark, Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler. The strip began as a Web-only comic, but it eventually became popular in print in northern Europe, including Germany and Norway, according to Universal.

The single-panel strip takes an off-kilter approach to everyday life: fashion, child-rearing, sports, popular culture — nothing is off-limits. Longtime comics readers will see the influence of The Far Side creator Gary Larson.

Wulff and Morgenthaler appear to be very busy and creative people. Together, they developed and run Scandinavia's largest comedy website. They also have created an animated sitcom, The Pandas, which Universal has compared to South Park and The Family Guy.

Wulff, a stand-up comic, has done several live one-man shows and has had TV and radio shows.

Morgenthaler is a movie director. His work includes children's fare and avant-garde films. He is directing an English-language film, I Am Here, starring Kim Basinger and scheduled for release in September.

Readers of daily comics cover a wide spectrum of tastes, and we have organized our lineup and constructed our two comics pages to reflect that.

Most strips take a while to catch on with readers, so we hope you will check out Wumo for a few weeks and decide whether to include it in your daily foray through our comics pages.

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