Letters to the editor: March 5

March 5, 2014 

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Calipari on-court antics can't hide poor coaching

I read Mark Story's column, "Too early to give up on Cats." I have not given up on these kids at all; but I have given up on Coach John Calipari.

He is totally responsible for these terrible losses we have gotten in the last two years.

Last year was a terrible coaching job. It was embarrassing.

We should have won the NCAA tournament with DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall and that team. Why not? Because of a poor coaching job.

His sideline antics are pathetic. His berating of the players before, during and after the game on TV and in the newspaper is awful.

He definitely can not coach mediocre players, and now not great players either.

His coaching style is just not suited for these players.

Division I coaches who have teams ahead of us in the standings would love to have this team.

He is embarrassing to watch on TV. Pulling our best players to teach them a lesson in the heat of the game, playing to the crowd with his antics and the big-wigs who sit behind our bench at home games.

I think he would make a great athletics director somewhere because he does have a gift for gab and raising money.

Ronald V. Henry


Miss four-year players

My father, William Lawrence Poyntz, played with Basil Hayden on Kentucky's first championship team. I donated all his memorabilia to the basketball museum. So, I was born with Big Blue blood.

For this reason I would like to comment now on the present situation.

First, Coach John Calipari is a fine Christian man and a great coach. But I believe we have to get away from entire teams of one and done.

It is not working. Many of my friends who are faithful supporters are not watching games. They miss knowing the players over a period of years. They just learn their names and they are gone.

It is also obvious we are not winning big. We need experienced players. Please bring back a mixture of student-athletes and some so-called hot shots.

Sue Williams

Vero Beach, Fla.

'New Rupp' concerns

I am a fan of the Arts and Entertainment District concept and I understand the desire for improvements to Rupp Arena. But I am concerned about the planned renovation.

There seems to be little consultation with the people who actually handle events in the facility.

An outside designer brings fresh ideas to the process and including the input of the fans of University of Kentucky basketball is politic, but not fully searching out the expertise and knowledge of the technical staff is shortsighted.

Locating a new convention center in the upper parking lot would require solutions to parking, but would allow the existing space to be used during the construction, serving clients, the public and maintaining a revenue stream.

Demolishing the convention center before constructing the new facility would require clients to go elsewhere, with no guarantee when they might return to Lexington. The logistics are also complicated, as the infrastructure is integrated throughout Lexington Center.

Making Rupp "transparent" is also an issue. Anyone who has seen a concert or a basketball game knows that going dark is an important part of the experience. Glass walls would need to be safe (think wind storms), energy efficient and would often need to be covered to eliminate daylight.

Virtual transparency via a light show to indicate activity in Rupp and/or video screens that show what is going on inside make a lot more sense. That would allow support services (including the shops and restaurants) to coexist with the new Rupp.

Lynda Matusek


Obama deserves praise

All Republicans believe in is fighting. If they can't start a war, they fight amongst themselves.

Both of the Bushes started a war, sent our jobs overseas, bought expensive war equipment and sunk America deep in debt.

Barack Obama has had a tough time trying to get America back on its feet. He's had no support. He has made jobs. He wants America to prosper.

Read some books about Franklin D. Roosevelt's years as governor, then president. Obama reminds me of Roosevelt.

Herbert Hoover was a Republican. He sat on a creek bank and fished, while America sunk lower and lower.

There were no jobs, banks closed down, shops closed, government shut down like it did not long ago, because of Republicans fighting amongst themselves and not doing their jobs.

When Hoover was in office, the Great Depression came. People got one bowl of soup a day, standing in line for hours with big holes in the only pair of shoes they had.

Some went to school and didn't have any shoes. They would have starved to death if Roosevelt, a Democrat, hadn't gotten in. He made commodities first thing to feed the people. He said they were too weak to work.

He made roads and put the men to work on W.P.A. My dad was one of them. He made sewing factories for women. He made parks. He made a lot to help the people.

Just like Obama, who should be praised for what he has done.

Joan Long


Closer to dictatorship

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the comment, "What does it matter now?" when asked about the attack in Benghazi. This has irritated me since, how the Obama administration has lied and covered up.

I was a small tyke during World War II. I was at my grandmother's playing, when I saw a yellow taxi pull up.

The man got out, knocked at the door and gave my grandmother a letter I thought, but it was a telegram saying that her son had been killed in action.

I have never forgotten that scream. I know how much it mattered then. I also know how these four moms and dads feel now.

Our government is one big mess. We have a president who says he has a phone and a pen. Why do we need Congress? If he doesn't like what they try to pass, he rewrites it to suit himself.

I also remember that WWII Germany had a dictator. We are getting closer to a dictatorship than most people realize. They impeached Nixon for less than our president's doing now.

This big government knows more about us than we know about ourselves. So why are we paying Congress? We don't need them. It would help our national debt.

We used to be "one nation under God." Now we have taken him out of everything.

Bobby Osborne


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