Letters to the editor: March 11

March 11, 2014 

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In betraying country, the first time is hardest

The first time is always the hardest. John McCain made it look easy, however, when he first decided to put his party before his country and place Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the oval office.

The GOP has been following his lead since the night of the 2008 election, cultivating the George Constanza strategy of doing the opposite of whatever President Barack Obama does, regardless of the consequences for their country.

The latest example is particularly alarming. Republican senator Bob Corker was so focused on unionbusting recently that he lied about the intentions of Volkswagen if the United Auto Workers had been voted in at the Chattanooga plant.

VW management not only publicly refuted his statements immediately but later announced that it may not pursue any further facilities in the American South in the absence of union representation, the exact opposite of what Corker had declared.

Corker's comments were only part of an intense GOP campaign to influence the workers' vote with threats of job losses. How sad that their actions likely did more to endanger Tennessee jobs than to save them. Of course, they were not really thinking about jobs. They were thinking about political power; not as a means to a just end, but for the sake of power itself.

Country before party is a pretty simple rule of thumb. It is distressing how difficult it seems to be for today's Republican Party to understand.

Daniel Berry

Stamping Ground

Pipeline for energy future

Every time I turn on the television, I hear more about the failures of our economy. The constant talk about the lack of jobs and the lack of money to fund our government makes me sick.

That's why I can't understand why anyone would be against the Bluegrass Pipeline. This is an opportunity to bring jobs and tax revenue to Kentucky. We have to find ways to progress and become energy independent if we expect to change the state of the economy.

I am proud that Kentucky could be part of an effort to use a modern and safe pipeline to secure the nation's energy future.

If you oppose this pipeline you are stuck in the past. Why shouldn't we use our nation's natural resources instead of relying on foreign energy sources?

We've been talking about how to become fully independent for too long. It's time to take action and Kentucky should be part of this opportunity.

Lisa K. Bradford


Give Knight credit

In reference to columnist John Clay's "tongue in cheek" remark regarding Bob Knight being treated with dignity and respect when he visited Lexington as an ESPN analyst, "after all, hasn't Knight always treated people the way he would want to be treated?"

The answer is yes. The proof: He graduated 98 percent of his basketball teams.

I do not watch University of Kentucky basketball because of its "one and done" mentality but did watch the Arkansas-UK game specifically to see "The General."

Ellen Barjuca


Benefits of U.S. aid

I can testify to the importance and relevant impact of the United States' international spending.

Because of the numerous programs, like the Global Fund and President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, many people in developing countries have access to antiretroviral drugs, and prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria.

I want to commend our lawmakers for ensuring continuous funding of these programs. I worked on a PEPFAR-funded project that taught Nigerian secondary-school students the importance of HIV prevention and equipped them with life-building skills.

Many Nigerian parents do not discuss with their children the behaviors that increase the risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, numerous students rely on the media and friends to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

However with the comprehensive education on HIV prevention sponsored by PEPFAR, these students are provided with the correct information on HIV/AIDS.

I look forward to sharing the facts of all these great lifesaving programs with Rep. Andy Barr and the entire Bluegrass community this year.

Ibitola Asaolu

Local ONE volunteer leader


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