Burgoo: Something to stew over

March 11, 2014 

If you've run among the rich and powerful for decades, maybe it's no big deal to be an item in the Sunday New York Times crossword.

But, hey, it has to beat herding Tea Partiers, denying global warming or watching your sworn nemesis get re-elected. Still, our senior senator should be proud.

The writer had lots of other choices: Ryder, Albom, Lucker, Hewer, Holleman, Miller, Hedburg, even a 1998 hurricane. And, as any crossword enthusiast will tell you, difficult puzzles are made so by elusive, tricky, even nubilous writing.

Thus, the historically obscure "Bloodhound trainer?", the matter-of-fact "Bevin opponent" or the playful "Chao squeeze" might have been more challenging.

Of course, what do we know? We are, as Sen. Mitch McConnell and many others are quick to remind us ... clueless.

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