Letters to the editor: March 15

March 15, 2014 

No religion, no stones, no glass houses, no service There are still states trying to pass laws that would let business owners not serve customers if they had a religious objection to them?

How would this work? Would they include all things that they object to, or pick and choose? Would they have to make a master list of sins? Would they post signs that say, "no sinners allowed"?

For instance, if you are a member of the largest religion in America, you would not serve gays, heterosexuals who have sex like gays, fornicators, divorced people, people who have sex without marriage, adulterers, atheists, thieves, tax cheats, liars (who would the politicians buy from?), wife beaters, narcissists, drunks, potheads, Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, or any other religion that does not believe the way you do.

In my opinion, it's a good thing they will be busy throwing stones, because it appears they won't have much business.

Tony McCoy


Time served, time to vote

Our legislature needs to pass House Bill 70 unamended. HB 70 is Jessie Crenshaw's bill for the automatic restoration of voting rights for felons once their sentence is complete.

Let's welcome these fellow citizens, friends and neighbors to participate in our democracy. Giving voice to tens of thousand of people only makes our democracy stronger.

Sen. Damon Thayer and the Republican leadership in the senate state that they are moving HB 70 forward but in reality they have added such restrictive amendments it would still keep Kentucky as one of the most undemocratic states in the nation.

HB 70 needs to pass without amendments. Let the people vote.

Janet Tucker


NFL bullies

It is a sad commentary when the powers-that-be in the National Football League are more tolerant of bullying than they are of homosexuality.

Candace Sacre


LexCall works

For those who are keeping score on what works and what doesn't work in government, Lexington LexCall 311 service should earn bonus points. It has simplified the process of dealing with civic issues ranging from the disposal of hazardous substances to transferring a title.

The call attendants are always available, helpful and eager to please. It is an asset, not only for those who are new to town, but for those who don't have the county clerk's office in their contact list. Way to go. Those are the best three numbers I dial almost every week.

Cynthia Ryan Kelly


Killer idea

Now that the Affordable Care Act has been fully implemented in Kentucky, will the Herald-Leader please publish the names of those who perish from the death panels Andy Barr warned us about?

An international symbol like the skull and bones attached to each obituary would suffice.

Norman E. Goldie, Jr.

Mount Sterling

Move Salvation Army

The plans for our new Rupp Arena and adjoining greenspace are great but there's one situation which hasn't been addressed.

We must consider moving the Salvation Army, perhaps Loudon Avenue across from the Hope Center, if we are to make this project attractive to the customer.

The new greenspace area reaches from Rupp all the way along the valley of the Cox Street parking lot to the Newtown extension.

While having Mary Todd Lincoln's house along the border will be a draw for visitors, a homeless shelter on the corner of Newtown and Main will not.

The solution is to move the Salvation Army and replace it with a parking garage.

Downtown streets will be far less congested, and our guests will know they can exit to the interstate in a timely manner, and therefore not have to budget time better spent dining or shopping, for sitting in traffic.

They leave happy, and will return, telling their friends what a great time they had in Lexington.

Years in the hospitality business have taught me to listen to and think like the customer.

We don't want to spend all this money building a beautiful open-air location that folks don't feel comfortable visiting.

We certainly don't want the new greenspace amphitheater to become another Phoenix Park.

Bill Marshall


Childish Congress

Our nation needs continued benefits for the long-term unemployed, an increased minimum wage and pre-school programs for all children.

Instead of voting on these proposals, what do the Republican House members (including Andy Barr) do?

They vote for the 50th time to delay or repeal implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Being a member of Congress should not be a game. Let's rid Congress of such childish, irresponsible members.

Alvin Goldman


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