Letters to the editor: March 18

March 18, 2014 

Raise in minimum wage lives up to Christian values

I was enlightened and then disgusted after reading the Jan. 31 article regarding the minimum wage increases in states all around us. Kentucky is long overdue regarding this injustice

The minimum should be $10 an hour for people to survive. It is a Christian value to help people in poverty. With an increased wage, people can have more pride and can spend more, increasing our economy. Taxpayers would pay less for food stamps, etc.

In this article, the president of 40 Cheddar's Restaurants in Kentucky whined that an increase would bankrupt his company. Hogwash. That would prove that he is a poor manager. You can bet CEOs are making seven-digit salaries on the backs of those at the bottom.

You can be sure that we will not be eating at Cheddar's Restaurant ever again.

Joyce C. Hubbard

Paint Lick

Photo of lawbreaker

Walking dogs without a leash is against the law; staff photographer Pablo Alcala glorified this with a large photo of Paul Madden walking two dogs without a leash.

My beautiful, smart silver toy poodle on a leash was severely attacked twice, right before my eyes, by a dog not on a leash for no reason whatsoever. I'm sorry for Madden's health problem, but this brought back to me visions of years ago.

Katie Ratliff


McConnell worries

I agree with Sen, Mitch McConnell's letter about protecting jobs over fish concerning Lake Cumberland. I'm from the Lake Cumberland area and I appreciate what he's trying to do for the tourism industry.

He needs to have been worried about the 1.7 million unemployed workers who ran out of benefits. But I guess his mind is on his race against Alison Lundergan Grimes.

He should be worried because Kentucky is sick of him. He hasn't done anything to help Kentucky lately. His tenure will be up after he loses to Grimes and Kentucky will be better off.

Ricky James Roy

Russell Springs

Not happy? Leave

This letter is in response to a letter writer's rant about not liking the word "American" to describe himself or all Americans. I know how he can solve that problem. Just move to another country. But wait, I bet he won't do that. Why you ask? Because this is the greatest place in the world to live.

The writer should get a life and quit bringing up things, such as our Founding Fathers selling and buying humans. The past is the past. Get over it and let's move on and do the good things now.

The writer also stated that "Dr. Ernesto Guevara De Serna" was the greatest American. I have talked to a lot of people and no one knows who this person is. If he was so great, why has no one else heard of him?

By the way, yes, I have forgiven my Founding Fathers for doing the wrong thing. Different times, different places. If you are worrying about things that happened 200 years ago, then I forgive you.

Leonard E. Finn


Barr aids veterans

Whether drafted or volunteered, veterans have worn the cloth of our great military, whatever branch of service.

They have sincere pride in their service. Many are unaware that we have a Veterans Coalition in Central Kentucky.

Vets for vets — no red or blue, no R or D, no conservative or liberal, no black or white, no religious orientation — simply men and women with a common bond. This allows vets to speak out openly and sincerely about issues and problems facing them and their families.

The spirit of these men and women is what makes our country great. This coalition would not have occurred had it not been for Rep. Andy Barr's leadership.

Kudos to Barr.

Brian Schlifke


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