Letters to editor: March 21

March 21, 2014 

Separate horses, bikes on rail trail to increase tourism

As a paying member of the Rails to Trails Conservancy, I was surprised to see our first lady Jane Beshear featured in the summer edition of the organization's magazine.

She and the guv like horse riding, and she was promoting the Dawkins Line Rail Trail in Johnson, Magoffin and Breathitt counties and other trails.

The problem is Dawkins is a shared soft-surface trail, fine for horses accustomed to bikes but bumpy for the bicyclist. I visited it last summer but won't return because of its roughness.

It would be great to reserve half the total length exclusively for bikes and the other for horses.

Also, I would really like to see our land management areas, which have been removed from the tax rolls, opened up to mountain biking in specific areas.

Trails could be built and maintained by the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association and closed during gun seasons.

These steps would increase tourism dollars.

James McDermott


Copley review panned

We attended the March 7 performance of Mozart's Don Giovanni at the Opera House, enjoyed the voices and laughed at the humor. We were turned off by Rich Copley's review.

Copley might do better to stick with reviewing decadent popular un-music; blasting dissonance has obviously killed his aural sensitivities. He objected to "a moment when the characters sing that they don't recognize each other even though they are within arm's reach."

This very funny scene was set earlier when Giovanni, a large man, exchanged cape and hat with his servant, a small man, making them both look ridiculous. The audience laughed.

How could the humor have escaped the reviewer? Surely Copley knows that oftentimes in opera a disguise is a mask and private asides are sung in the presence of another singer who feigns not hearing.

Perhaps some of the student acting was a bit wooden. So what? These students have to learn acting, dancing and singing. An hours-long libretto in a foreign language with perfect intonation has to be memorized thoroughly.

The production is the intricate meshing of orchestra, voice, staging and set. They deserve our praise and competent critique. We go to opera mainly for the power, range and beauty of the voice. Opera voice thrills us to tears.

We also questioned his ethical critique of art that was produced in the 1780s poking fun at the libertine. Giovanni did after all get his reward at the end when the statuesque commendatore took him to hell.

Jesse and Ruth Mark


Suspicious difference

No wonder medical insurance costs are high. Baptist Express Care operates small clinics in several Wal-Mart stores.

They have their charges posted on the wall in front of the clinic — $57 is the posted charge for most services which are provided by a nurse practitioner.

If you should provide your insurance info however, they will bill your insurance company $211 for the same service.

Charging insurance almost four times as much for a service seems to be abusive and if it is not illegal, it should be.

Franklin Miller


Dog owner grateful

In a world where there seem to be fewer heroes, I would like to thank the Lexington Division of Fire and Emergency Services for its quick response to my call for help when my dog fell into a frozen lake on Feb. 19.

The training and expertise of crews from E9, EC4, R1 and 205 were evident in their handling of the situation. Their concern for our dog spoke volumes about the care they have for our community.

We were truly fortunate that morning to have such dedicated professionals respond to our call.

We will always appreciate what they did. Thanks again to Major Galati and his crews.

Noreen Ram


Rethink recruiting

I was raised a Wildcat fan and still am. However, I think this team of "one and outs" is by far the worst Coach John Calipari has put together. They should have the talent but it's not proven.

I remember all the coaches starting with Adolph Rupp and they have all had marginal seasons, but they got every ounce out of their players. But Calipari is being challenged more than ever. The "one and outs" need to be at a minimum two years and out. Maybe the coach needs to rethink the current system and recruit a team of average players that want to achieve higher goals.

Gene Cropper

Newark, N.J.

Seeding is not destiny

A lot has already been chronicled regarding the University of Kentucky's and the University of Louisville's lower-than-expected seeds in the big dance.

But if you look closely at the smoke billowing from this heated argument, you might see hope. And if you sift through the ashes of discontent you will likely see a phoenix, or a cardinal, rising. And don't rule out a Wildcat as well.

Louisville has a much easier road to the Final Four than does No. 1 seed Wichita State. As for the Wildcats, the committee did them a favor.

The kiddie-cats would likely have to face a No. 1 seed to make it to the Final Four; so who better than Wichita State?

Louisville has a superhighway leading it from the banks of the Ohio to Texas, while Kentucky's pathway is cluttered with rush-hour traffic.

Both can't get there, yet a head-on collision awaits past their first fuel stops. The two would meet at the intersection of redemption and revenge — a deadly junction.

Kentucky has a chance to buy back much of what it lost through a season of failed expectations. Louisville has a chance to repeat, but also take down its biggest rival, much as Kentucky did in 2012.

The air will soon clear, hopefully revealing a Big Blue sky for BBN. And as for the Cardinals, I suppose an adaptation of Cervante's quote is appropriate. The Cardinals' hope "can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise."

James David Fugate


Facebook not fab

Very odd that no one without Facebook can comment on the Herald-Leader online. Pitiful, because John Clay needs to be congratulated by many for the best analysis of what the University of Kentucky men's basketball team needs to move forward.

Please extend a well-done from a UK fan, who has seen the real Fab Five at UK play, but does not venture into the evil world of Facebook.

Larry Weeks

Pinehurst, N.C.

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