Letters to the editor: March 29

March 29, 2014 

UK wrecking ball may strike at alumni support

The University of Kentucky has a beautiful and historic campus but is in danger of losing much of that history because of a hasty and poorly planned expansion program for new student housing and other construction on UK property. I respectfully request UK planners to slow down and consider architectural properties that may be lost in the name of perceived needs that aren't needs at all.

Why the university needs a massive amount of new student housing is a mystery. There is no reason why existing residence halls should suddenly be thought of as inadequate and I hope that university planners are not so shortsighted as to fail to recognize the historical and aesthetic value of many of these structures. There are a number of unique architectural treasures on the UK campus. One of the campus' greatest assets is its character and to sacrifice that in the name of some sterile residential complex would be unforgivable.

We alumni are constantly being asked to give back to an institution that has generally made us proud. Many may be more reluctant to share our resources with an institution that no longer resembles the place we hold close to our heart.

David L. Day


PDR for preservation

The LOOK cinema is an improvement over the faux art deco designs we see elsewhere in Lexington. I wonder why the developer wants to locate next to Rupp? Looking at these images I wonder why Lexingtonians wouldn't want that to happen?

What is the real question about this area of our town, where old meets new?

A visit to our PVA site will reveal that there is more surface parking than there are historic structures and why is that? Those of us who have followed the CenterPointe saga know it has to do with the difficulty of financing incremental infill development.

If Lexington values what is left of the older neighborhoods downtown, it needs to seek a pro-active solution similar to the Purchase of Development Rights program (PDR) in key areas to adequately compensate the landowners for exercising a less profitable option.

In the meantime we need to accept the developer's offer to relocate the John Lowman House and begin a meaningful infill initiative where preservation has a chance to succeed.

Warren Denny


Republican deficits

Congressman Andy Barr stated that he was against, "raising the debt ceiling for the 20th time since President Bill Clinton took office in 1993," implying the debt problem was caused by Democrats.

What Barr should have said is the debt ceiling has been raised 38 times since President Ronald Reagan took office in 1981. It had to be raised 16 times during his two terms and five during the single term of President George H. W. Bush.

Clinton raised the debt limit four times due to the unfunded mandates of his predecessors. Clinton reduced the deficit to $18 billion his last year in office, the smallest deficit since Reagan took office. President George W. Bush reinstated Reaganomics and accumulated debt at an unprecedented pace. President Barack Obama had to increase the debt ceiling six times due to unfunded mandates of his predecessor. The deficit is a direct result of the Bush/Cheney tax cuts and wars.

Kevin Kline


Kansan for Mitch

Kentuckians, it is imperative that you reelect Mitch McConnell to serve you in the United States Senate.

He has proven to be reliable, responsible, faithful, and tenacious. Working with Harry Reid, the Senate leader, you'll have to agree would not be an easy task. However, Mitch has hung in there for the American peoples' sake.

Why would you want to elect a Democrat when you know she would be nothing but an Obama puppet? Look what Obama has done to you in the last five years. He shoved the horrible Obamacare on you. He lied and lied about the fact that you could keep your doctor and your plan. He has dictatorially using his pen and a phone to bypass Congress. His job creation is non-existent. The debt he has created is crushing us. There isn't enough space here to mention all the awful things he has done.

Grimes, if elected, would be beholden to him and would bring you more of the same and Kentuckians certainly don't want that and neither does the rest of America. Vote responsibly. Reelect Mitch McConnell.

Jan Allison

Topeka, Kan.

Not-so-smart guns

So-called smart guns include two different technologies. One makes them not work when the owner doesn't want them to. The other makes them work whether or not the owner wants them to. The former gets the publicity. The latter needs further consideration. at least by folks who want their guns to work.

One maker promises its guns can be deactivated remotely by smart phone; another promises to sell remote deactivation devices. Governments which mandate deactivatable guns will also mandate that they receive all the deactivating technologies. Unless blessed with Edward Snowden II we'll never know for sure whether the secret court has issued secret warrants for such technologies.

Most deactivatable guns work by radio, which can be jammed without access to any proprietary technology. And all the deactivation technologies will be stolen by hackers and available on the Internet. If you want them to work, buy guns that can be deactivated. If you want to be able to buy guns that work, join NRA.

Lee Crawfort


Hopeless and changeless

Are you satisfied with the price of gas? That the ATF gave guns to Mexican cartels to kill American border guards? With the $17 trillion debt? That after billions of dollars for education we are still about 19th in the world?

That millions of children are being aborted every year? That the president goes above the Constitution and dictates policy? That he acts like a tyrant? That there is a war on Christianity, but they go out of their way to help Muslims?

That the military is being depleted to post-WWII status when terrorists are getting more aggressive every day? That there are 50 million people on food stamps, 30 million more since Obama took office?

That there are 90 million people out of work and the real unemployment rate is about 14 percent? They lie and tell you it's around 7 percent because they don't count those who have quit looking for work.

Are you satisfied with the Obamacare debacle? That the two dumbest people on earth, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, lead the Senate? Are you happy that the young people of today think this is what America is supposed to be?

Are you satisfied that there are not 12 million illegals, but more like 30 million, who take jobs away from Americans, and send their money to Mexico and Guatemala?

If you are satisfied and happy with all of this then vote for Hillary Clinton for more of the same.

Doyle Glass


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