The threat of the three

Herald-Leader Staff ReportMarch 30, 2014 

The Michigan Wolverines are the last remaining obstacle to Kentucky’s 16th appearance in the NCAA Final Four, but an insubstantial roadblock they are not — largely because of the three-point shot.

These guys are not “Pitino’s Bombinos” who famously attempted more than 800 three-pointers in a season four times during the 1990s.

But Coach John Beilein’s bombers knock theirs down with greater efficiency than any team in Kentucky history.

Michigan has made 312 of 776 three-point attempts this season for a scintillating 40.2 percent.

Only Creighton (41.4), Utah State (40.6) and Cleveland State (40.4) shot the three-pointer better than the Wolverines, who make 8.7 threes per game.

Michigan’s percentage has risen even higher in its three NCAA Tournament games.

This season, Kentucky faced two teams — Michigan State (39.3) and Belmont (39.2) — among the nation’s top 20 three-point percentage teams.

The Spartans made five of 12 attempts (41.7) and beat Kentucky 78-74. The Bruins hit 11 of 30 (36.6) and lost to Kentucky 93-80.

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