Man accused of hitting victim in face with rock

Staff, wire reportsMarch 30, 2014 

A Franklin County grand jury indicted a man last week on charges that he threw a rock, severely injuring a man who was trying to get information from him after he damaged his car, prosecutors said. Russell Price, 23, is charged with second-degree assault.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Zach Becker said the victim was dropping his grandmother off at home after a family event when another vehicle drove by.

A person inside that vehicle — who Becker said was Price — threw a full can of soda, causing a dent in the victim’s vehicle, Becker said.

Becker said the victim — with his grandmother still in the passenger seat — then followed Price in an attempt to get insurance information.

When Price stopped, the victim pulled up next to him and rolled down his passenger-side window; Becker said that’s when Price threw the rock, which missed the grandmother and hit the victim near his eye, shattering several bones. Becker said the victim was ultimately taken to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital for reconstructive surgery.

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