Letters to the Editor, April 1

April 1, 2014 

Abusers don't justify rejecting pain-relief drug

In response to Rep. Hal Rogers' fight to overturn Zohydro ER:

As a chronic pain sufferer, please explain why it is more important that approval for a medication be overturned because of the possibility of abusers' misuse. Why should that outweigh the relief it can provide to those in need?

Anelle W. Congleton


Testing pattern

Have you noticed that the four largest cable news networks have narrowed their focus to become niche networks? You now have: "We are obsessed with one story at a time" network; "We really want to be court news" network; "We hate Obama" network, and "We hate capitalism" network.

Good luck finding comprehensive news on cable TV.

James A. Johnson


Support Jensen

Elisabeth Jensen is running hard to win back the 6th Congressional District. As a business executive and the head of a nonprofit dedicated to education, she has what it takes to serve Kentucky families.

As a candidate, she is working hard and has the skill and determination to win. She deserves the support of every Kentuckian who believes that working families, women and children deserve a strong voice in Washington.

Karen Angelucci


Recognize heroes

I just finished reading the March 18 edition of the Herald Leader. I couldn't help but notice the "Military Notes" column was on the last page. Those who sign away a minimum of four years of their lives for our country and freedom deserve much better recognition. The contributions and sacrifices they make go way above and beyond those of any sports figure, businessman, politician or celebrity in the entertainment world.

I challenge the Herald Leader to recognize those to whom we owe so much by placing this column on the front page, where it belongs and in color, if possible. Media do indeed influence thinking and perceptions. Your newspaper might be a good place to start in terms of changing perceptions, so that we all get it right. Those who choose the military are our heroes.

Joyce Snyder


High fashion

It seems that as Pablo Picasso was to art, the Lexington Fashion Collaborative is to fashion — extremely imaginative as revealed by a fashion show at the Headley-Whitney Museum on March 23. Most unusual to native Lexingtonians.

Katherine Ratliff


Fire dog-killer

The recent action of Lexington police officer Jeff Brangers who shot and killed a black Labrador retriever in Scott County is disturbing for many reasons. It is yet another example of a Lexington police employee committing a crime. Not only do they accost kids, now they shoot your pets. This is a very disturbed person who should not be part of any police department anywhere.

Such a cowardly act should result in him being fired from the police force. It appears we must now arm ourselves to protect us from our own police force. New leadership is needed at our police department, or the citizens will have to fight back. Our police force is becoming nothing more than a bunch of thugs and lacks any elements of professionalism.

David Beck


McConnell and Tea Party

As a Democrat I wish to thank Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky for attacking the Tea Party and saying its will be crushed. Our Democratic Party is in trouble. Since the Obamacare debacle there have been too many voices calling us extremist incompetent liars. America needs to understand that it is the Tea Party that insists on extremis spending cuts.

Thanks to McConnell, we Democrats can say, "See, even Mitch McConnell says the Tea Party is extremist." Since most Republicans are Tea Partiers and won't vote for McConnell and others like him, it will be clear sailing through the midterm elections. Then we'll really be able to transform America!

Gamaliel Isaac

Highland Park, N.J.

Bad combination

A quick glance at the world around us, and it becomes painfully obvious that nationalism plus religion, mixed with a good-sized dose of testosterone, is a recipe for disaster.

Richard Kuehl


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