For Big Blue Nation, superstitions run wild during NCAA tournament

April 1, 2014 

Some people drank from blue cups. Some people wore blue underwear or socks. (Everyone wore a blue shirt.) Superstitions run wild during March Madness. Apparently, that's especially true in the Big Blue Nation.

For last weekend's NCAA men's basketball tournament games that the University of Kentucky won, one reader chewed the same gum. One created a complicated calculus for the number of times to clap after a basket was made. A few dressed their dogs up. One cooked popcorn that may or may not have magical properties.

We asked our readers on Facebook: What superstition did you use during last weekend's games that you are certain propelled the Cats to a win? Will you repeat it Saturday (and hopefully next Monday) for the Final Four games?

Here is a selection of the responses.

Edward B. Redmon: You're all silly. I get in my car at tip-off and drive 2 plus hours not knowing the outcome. When I get home they win! You're welcome.

Emmett Patrick Kelly: I did NOT display my Wildcats flag because, on previous occasions, the game results were always disastrous when the flag was flown. Now, it comes out only after victorious results!

Angie Cummins: I refuse to watch the game with anyone who says anything negative about the CATS! So NO NEGATIVITY DURING the game! Even if they're down, they've been down before and have come back!

Lorene Post: Prayed till I was BLUE in the face!

Nancy Griffith Powe: We are traveling so I wore a different KY T-shirt everyday through Sunday's win. Traveling again Thursday and will wear KY BLUE until we win it all. GO Cats.

Gary Sarrett: Our dog wears a referee shirt and has had it on throughout the tournament. We can't take it off now until we win it all!

Wendy Murray: My kids write "TWEAK" on their arms as a recent tradition.

Jennifer Christine Blue: I got a pair of UK earrings for Christmas this past year. The only times I've worn them are both Louisville games, Wichita State and the Michigan game. Even though the players are the reason why we've won these games I like to think the earrings are a good luck charm. #BBN

Shirley Ritchie: Refuse to Lose shirt and sit in same position. The rest of family wear same shirts and sit where they have every game. ... Pompoms and cheering hard! Go Big Blue!

Sally Horowitz: I've made popcorn the last 3 games. I think it lifts them up.

Tim-Heather Cornett: Didn't shave on game day and having UK Shirt on is a must. Also sat (sometimes) in same chair.

Phyllis L. Howlett: I switch from blue UK shirt to white UK shirt. Will keep switching all week like last week. Go Wildcat's!

Stephanie Nelson Morris: I am wearing my UK heart necklace and won't take it off until UK is crowned NCAA champions!

Chase Gregory: Not to post on FB till after the game.

Brenda Joyce Pelfrey: Painted my fingernails and toenails Wildcat blue, wore the same UK shirt during all the playoff games and will wear it for good luck this weekend during the Final Four games! GO CATS!

Kathy Tuttle Fredericks: Blue & white game day underwear & a certain set of UK jewelry. Yes, I'll keep wearing all of it!

Mary Walker: We have a lucky blue and white pompom that we break out.

Theresa Young: Earrings, ring, bracelets and necklace of UK my shirt blue UK and pants blue UK and socks UK. Oh yeah, UK ponytail holder. Love my cats!

Lisa Renee Johnson: Same shirt as I wore last championship.

Beth Heneisen Abbott: They hit a free throw, I clap twice. They hit a two, I clap 3 times. They hit a three, I clap 4 times. ... I have no idea why but I'm not stopping!

Josh Barker: I wore during the first game a blue UK T-shirt (goggles up) and blue cut-off sweatpants (sweatshorts?!). I also wore a black UK hat. Since then I have worn the goggles up shirt along with the 2012 championship shirt interchangeably along with the shorts and hat.

Rob Hardin: Sat on the living room floor clutching a pillow between my arms. With my foot against a recliner.

Regena Jones: Wore my UK tee (with the "old" wildcat) purchased when I was a student at UK 23 years ago!

Gregg Greer: I stand two feet from the TV for second half.

Paul Hayse: Have to rub the UK garden gnome for luck.

Jean Renelle Johnson Sparrow: Little stuffed blue wildcat sits on my shoulder.

Carolyn Egbert: I ate "Golden Flake Puff Corn, Butter Flavor." I know it's silly.

Angie Walker: Ironed.

Jena L.R. White: My mom had to look away. Every time she watches, they lose but when she doesn't watch, they win.

Maggie Eng: UK sweatshirt, UK cup with sweet tea and bourbon! Unfortunately I will be working next Saturday. Don't think the patients would appreciate the drinking!

Russell Casey: I wore no blue whatsoever. Apparently that helped. Plan to do the same next game.

Stephanie Bailey: I wore the same clothes for every game (I did wash them!) And I didn't make any posts on social sites until it was over!

Paula Kelley: I ALWAYS do my checklist (with pictures) for every UK game: popcorn, check; Ale-8, check; Blue Monday, check. CATS! CATS! CATS! GO BIG BLUE!

Paul Day: Same bar same seat.

Jim Britt: Wore my UK T-shirt and cap to bed.

Linda Woods Alford Adkisson: Our daughter & son-in-law fix us dinner. We all wear the same outfits. Me & my grandson walk during the second half. It's a fun time. Go Cats!

Tanya Stevens: My little dogs are dressed up in their Kentucky gear. We have our same clothes on (washed) that we wore on Sunday and Friday respectively. I watch standing up!

John Richardson: Changed seats with about 6-7 minutes to go in each game.

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