Does UK have the most loyal fans? says yes

Herald-Leader Staff ReportApril 2, 2014 

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Kentucky fans will flood AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, according to bookings data. UK fans have booked double the rooms Wisconsin fans have and they expect to stay till Monday.

TIM SHARP — Associated Press

Kentucky appears to have the most loyal NCAA basketball fans, based on's analysis of hotel room bookings in Arlington, Texas, for the Wildcats' upcoming Final Four game with the Wisconsin Badgers.

Kentucky fans have booked the most hotel rooms in Arlington, followed by Florida, Wisconsin and Connecticut, a Priceline news release said Wednesday. Kentucky fans booked about double the number of room nights as those booked by Wisconsin fans.

The news release also said that, judging by which fan bloc has booked the most hotel rooms for the championship game, it appears that fans expect a Kentucky-Florida matchup. Even there, Kentucky fans are outbooking Florida fans by a big margin. senior travel analyst Brian Ek said there are still travel packages available for fans who want to attend the games.

From Lexington, the average round-trip airfare will be $385. The average rate for an economy or compact rental car at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is $60 a day for those days. One-star hotels are about $73 a night, and prices escalate to $303 for five-star hotels.

The national average airfare to Dallas/Fort Worth is about $340, according to Priceline. From Lexington, the average round-trip ticket will cost $385. By comparison, round-trip tickets average $604 from Hartford, Conn.; $584 from Wisconsin; and $541 from Jacksonville, Fla.

Online ticket aggregator TiqiQ reported that the average ticket price for the two semifinal games is about $1,367.

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