Letters to the editor, April 5, 2014

April 5, 2014 

Cal's freshmen clawed back to redemption

Unexpected gifts are often the best, and the gift from coach Cal's current crop of freshmen to the Big Blue Nation is about as good as it gets. A month ago, who would've anticipated a spot in the Final Four — well, except for the fellow with the "2014 National Championship" tattoo?

The season-long beatdown, game after game of disappointment, makes the trip even sweeter. We're cheering a team that had fallen out of the AP rankings, and likewise out of the graces of so many in the BBN, including this writer.

UK heads to Texas playing on house money, being the field's lowest seed. Aaron Harrison's prophetic statement regarding "a great story still to be written" is no longer being ridiculed.

Despite playing at full tilt, winning it all will be difficult, but at this point it's all icing on the cake. These young men don't have to win it all to redeem themselves; they've already done that. Still, nine is a nice number.

And if UK pulls off the remarkable and brings it home, the love for this team would be greater than if it had gone 40-0. There's just something to adore about a group of individuals who fall to the mat, apparently knocked out, only to rise together, united as a team. That's victory enough.

An unexpected gift.

James David Fugate


Kochs = greed

It is time for Democrats to stand up to the Koch brothers and expose the Kochs for who they are and for how they are destroying democracy. The Kochs personify the greed that is killing America. Politics in America is corrupted by big money.

The super-rich Kochs pour billions of dollars into the campaigns of Republicans who will pass legislation that benefits their enterprises. It is done at the expense of the middle class and poor.

The American people need to be made aware of the Koch brothers' shenanigans and go to the polls in record numbers to show their votes have the power to defeat corrupting big money. When big money wins, the majority of regular people lose. That is bad for our country.

It would be interesting to know how much money the Kochs will contribute to Mitch "Money is speech" McConnell's Senate re-election campaign. Will we ever know? Do we really care?

Paul Whiteley Sr.


Life is good

Those who park in handicapped spots wil now be fined $250; throwing cigarette butts on the ground merits a $500 fine, and Adam Edelen is exposing those who misuse public funds.

Life is good.

Marjorie F. Farris


Feds out of control

The power of the federal government is out of control. As the state legislators at the recent Mount Vernon Assembly realized, Washington's abuse of power — instigated by both Republicans and Democrats — must come to an end before it's too late.

The $17 trillion national debt is one example of this abuse. Our children and grandchildren will pay for Washington's spending spree. There will be taxes imposed for spending they never approved and from which they never directly benefited. The cry of that generation will echo that of the founding generation: "Taxation without representation."

Fortunately, when the national government becomes drunk with power, the states possess the authority to reorganize the power structure in a manner that preserves liberty. Article Five of the Constitution allows states to call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments. Using that right, the states can stop the spending and debt spree, the power grabs of the federal courts, and the forfeiture of American sovereignty to the United Nations.

We are approaching a crossroads. One path leads to the escalating power of an irresponsible centralized government, resulting in the financial ruin of generations of Americans. The other leads to freedom and the chance to again be proud of these United States.

Which will we choose? I'm choosing to preserve liberty by volunteering for the Convention of States Project in Kentucky.

Deb Lanasa


Legislature must end soring

I recently saw a television advertisement that urges viewers to contact their federal lawmakers and ask them to pass the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act, H.R.1518/S.1406. Apparently the ads will soon air in Kentucky.

The advertisement is an effort by the Humane Society of the United States to urge Congress to end soring, the inhumane practice of inflicting pain to horses' legs and feet, forcing them to perform what is known as the 'big lick' at horse shows.

The bill will help an existing federal law, the Horse Protection Act, which was passed in 1970 to stop the abuse of Tennessee walking horses. The problem with this existing law is that it is so weak that cheating and violations have run rampant. Several prominent political figures, horse breeders, trainers and veterinarians support such a bill to strengthen the law and stop these despicable acts.

Many people are aware and want to do something, but feel it is going to be overwhelming. It's not. Make a phone call. Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and click "send."

Now regarding cockfighting. I'm so sick and tired of Kentuckians falling back on their so-called heritage, culture and tradition to support their inhumane acts toward animals.

Why people in the commonwealth revel in the fact that many view you as backward and ignorant I will never understand.

Jack H. Taylor


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