Chad Ford: There’s ‘a chance’ UK loses seven to NBA

Herald-Leader Staff ReportApril 9, 2014 

ESPN analyst Chad Ford was chatting Wednesday about the NBA Draft on, and he brought up the rumblings that the University of Kentucky might lose more players than expected before next season.

Ford was asked who he thought would leave the Cats for the NBA:

“Julius Randle and James Young are, for sure, gone. I would say Willie Cauley-Stein too, but his comments the other day indicated he might not be a sure thing to leave. The Harrison twins have wanted to leave all year, according to multiple sources around the twins, but their draft stock made them iffy first-rounders. While they improved their stock, I’m not sure it’s to the point that they are clear first-rounders. Andrew probably has the most claim, but he’s not a lock. Another year at Kentucky would help. Dakari Johnson would be a bubble first- rounder as well. Ditto for Poythress. I think there’s a chance all of them are gone. There are certainly rumblings that direction. But the only three that really make sense right now are Randle, Young and Cauley-Stein.”

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