Letters to the Editor, April 11

April 11, 2014 

Chicken Mitch fears he'll be Kentucky fried

Most political ads are nearly 100 percent fact-free, and are useless as a tool for anyone who wishes to be an informed voter. Hearing candidates debate issues is the best way to make an informed decision.

We have a Republican primary on May 20, with Matt Bevin challenging Sen. Mitch McConnell. We'd all greatly benefit from seeing a debate in that race, but I've heard that McConnell has said he won't debate.

The reason seems obvious. He's very unpopular in Kentucky. His approval rating in recent polls is lower than President Barack Obama's, who lost Kentucky by 23 points in the 2012 election.

A debate would show how McConnell campaigns on Kentucky values every six years but all of his actions in D.C. are the exact opposite, and his miserable polling numbers would decline even more.

McConnell is chicken; but if he debated, he'd be a Kentucky-fried chicken.

Bruce Layne


Speak up for trail

Town Branch Trail, a shared-use greenway in Lexington, has been under development for over a decade, but key connecting pieces remain unresolved.

We have an opportunity to leverage work on highway infrastructure to complete critical trail connections which would otherwise be years away.

The trail intersects New Circle Road adjacent to where it crosses Town Branch Creek and the CSX rail line. We could save both money and time if the Transportation Cabinet incorporates the trail into the New Circle Road expansion. The work would include a tunnel under New Circle Road and an attached bridge for the bike path as part of the rebuilt bridge over the creek and rail line.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood calls for this type of bike-and-pedestrian urban corridor to be integrated into highway expansion projects.

National guidelines set by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials provide for bike and pedestrian paths along highways and bridges. Dozens of precedents for this exist around the country.

Constructing the trail link along with the highway will provide cost and time savings, avoid a redundant second bridge across the creek and railroad, and connect Masterson Station Park to McConnell Springs many years sooner than currently possible. Let's make Town Branch Trail whole, a beautiful and functional path connecting many neighborhoods to downtown, Masterson Station, McConnell Springs, Distillery District, Rupp District and Convention Center, Isaac Murphy Art Garden, the Leestown Veteran's Administration and BCTC campuses.

Zina Merkin

Vice President, Town Branch Trail, Inc.


Anti-cream bias

Regarding the Associated Press article on the resignation of the White House pastry chef, your paper, along with most other media outlets, make much of the false meme that Republicans hate and despise gays.

The chef is openly gay and was hired by President George W. Bush, and the article failed to mention that. It also conveniently left out the reason for his resignation.

His exact quote was, "I don't want to demonize cream, butter, sugar and eggs," which is precisely what Michelle Obama does whenever given the opportunity.

The main reason this paper is seen as liberal is not so much what you say, but what you don't say that makes you so biased.

William R. Elam


Love the library

Our favorite service in Lexington is the public library system.

We value the people, programs and resources. The librarians have been helpful to our sons' efforts at research, and provide good suggestions for both academic and casual reading.

The system jumped on the e-book bandwagon early on so we can enjoy free books on our iPads.

While much of the most attractive infrastructure appears to be on the south side of town, we are very pleased with the lovely Northside branch. Thanks for providing a wonderful service.

Gayle Tomkinson


EMT overreach

Who calls emergency medical services when there is a minor fender bender? The police? Or do they pick it up off dispatch?

I was in a minor rear-ender in front of Fayette Mall a few years back and to my amazement the EMT wagon showed up. All parties were out of their vehicles sharing their information, there was no broken glass, the cars had been traveling about 25 mph and there was no blood — nothing except some damaged rear bumpers.

The police had assessed the situation and found no reason to arrest anyone.

The EMTS demanded that I sign a paper stating that I was refusing treatment. I told them I was refusing to be taken to a hospital so I could sit in an ER for four or five hours then get billed for $400.

A problem lies in far more than user abuses. The system fuels its own excesses.

Sally Wasielewski


Vote for Jensen

Leave it to the media to shift a political race from the real issues to glorifying who raises more money. Can we focus on issues that matter to the Sixth District?

Elisabeth Jensen is an intelligent, dedicated candidate focused on jobs, education and preparing the work force. Her commitment to education is proved by the successes of her organization, Racing to Education, where the mission is making sure "students are successful in life and become an asset to their community."

It's time for voters to let the media know that where national money flows is not the important issue. It does buy media advertising, but it does not describe the real qualifications of a candidate.

I strongly support Jensen and urge other district voters to send her to Congress. All of Kentucky will benefit with representatives who are committed to solving real problems back at home.

Betty Pendergrass


Observe Holy Days

As Passover draws near I am reminded of the struggles of my people and the blessing in the freedom they were given.

I am reminded of the near extermination of my people by the Ottoman Empire, the Nazis and those groups today who hate and ridicule us. I am reminded that the Red Sea was parted for our escape from Egypt and that we have been promised an inheritance.

I am reminded of the rich heritage of my people and how misunderstood we are, even today. I am reminded that we have endured in light of every oppressive force that would try to stop the continuance of our faith.

As a Jewish young adult, it is difficult to convey the strain observance can sometimes take when others are intolerant or lack understanding of the First Amendment or my faith.

This Passover, I am reminded of the power of my faith and the protection my faith has under the Constitution. I want to encourage all young Jews to be pro-social about their faith and to take the proper steps to ensure they can observe the Holy Days as commanded.

Jenn L. Huff

Mount Sterling

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