Chris Hudson looks to expand successful Lexington clothing brand

esimon@herald-leader.comApril 13, 2014 

The lessons that Chris Hudson has learned throughout his 27 years have served as a foundation for his clothing brand called Life's Journey.

Since launching the line in Lexington in 2009, Hudson has gone from selling T-shirts to friends and family out of his trunk to creating an online store and having his clothing line in several stores.

The designs — which include T-shirts, hoodies and duffel bags — feature positive messages to inspire a lifestyle and a generation, Hudson said.

Life's Journey's motto, "Believe.Pursue.Inspire," has continued in the creation of Hudson's 2014 spring collection, which features slogans such as: "You Were Not Created Just to Exist" and "Untapped Potential."

Each piece was either inspired by Hudson's own experiences or those of others.

"All of these pieces are just inspired by having communication with people," Hudson said, "Or, taking what I've seen and turning it into a T-shirt."

One experience that has been significant for Hudson is the hardship he sees within the black community.

"With Untapped Potential, this piece is focused more toward minorities and how the street can hold them back," Hudson said, adding that there's plenty of untapped potential in those who are behind bars and those who've been killed or hurt by violence."

Life's Journey brand is in five stores across the country including in Yonkers, N.Y.; Cincinnati; Detroit; and Louisville. A commercial promoting the brand aired during the BET Awards last June.

Hudson hopes to expand his brand into new markets, a goal that has motivated him to move himself and his business to Atlanta.

"Atlanta is the central hub for celebrities, athletes and major influential individuals, although I want to stay true to Lexington, Atlanta will make the brand more visible," Hudson said.

He hopes customers will wear his styles proudly, displaying the positive messages for everyone who needs to believe, pursue and inspire. In addition, he wants to "empower the community" and hopes to do some motivational speaking to get his message across. He has spoken to various school groups and hopes to do more of that.

For more information on locations that sell Life's Journey attire or to purchase Hudson's new spring collection, visit

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