Letters to the editor: April 15

April 15, 2014 

McConnell trying to appear to be someone he's not

What a picture: Sen. Mitch McConnell holding a gun. Not his gun, but a borrowed one.

I would be amazed if he even knew which end to put the bullets in. I am a hunter from Western Kentucky and it looks as if McConnell is using a gun to try to get votes. Does he think holding a gun makes him a Kentucky hunter?

What can we expect next? Wearing a University of Kentucky jersey like he played basketball?

Will he get on a horse, wearing jockey silks? Or will he be tasting fine whiskey, pretending to be a famous brewmaster for Kentucky bourbon?

I sure hope he doesn't take up NASCAR next. Got any more deceptions up his sleeve?

Joe Everett


Oval Office fakery

Past: "I am not a real doctor, but I play one on TV."

Present: "I am not a real president, but I play one on TV."

Don Taylor


Story in poor taste

I found your March 21 story on Charmin to be a triumph of jocularity over taste. Everyone understands the function of toilet paper, making it unnecessary to write so graphically on this subject.

Let up on the body functions and report the news.

John Wilson Tully


Kentucky still behind

The 1925 trial of University of Kentucky graduate and Dayton, Tenn., high school football coach John Scopes is history.

Now, both a religious businessman and a dancing TV "Science Guy" recently made money for the Creation Museum in Kentucky. These two primates debated the same old issue of religion vs. science reality. As the saying goes, when the end of the world comes, it's best to be in Kentucky because "Kentucky is always 20 years behind the times."

H.L. Mencken, Baltimore Sun reporter who covered the Monkey Trial, also wrote that, "The American people know what they want and get what they deserve."

John Kerry, secretary of state, was quoted as saying, "In America you have a right to be stupid."

Bill Barkley


Open new road

I am writing concerning the still-unopened Route 460.

Many people, including myself, can see that for months now it would only have taken a very few days to complete it from Route 23 to the Marrowbone exit.

Several people have lost their lives, others have been critically injured on the now-traveled narrow, curvy and very dangerous old 460.

How much longer will our neighbors, friends and families be put in danger before our governor, congressman, senators, judge executive, magistrates and other elected officials say that is enough?

Our communities need this road open now. I would hate to think that this road is being delayed waiting for a warm-day ribbon cutting.

Sheila Williams


Justice subverted

Former State Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer defrauded the state of Kentucky and pleaded guilty to multiple federal corruption charges and, yet, justice was put on hold.

I doubt that a regular citizen would have been allowed to remain free to see a son play basketball.

The statue of Lady Justice wears a blindfold depicting fairness and impartiality. Apparently in Kentucky, she takes a peek to see who you are and what you have.

David Stephens


Got it right, once

I almost fell off the couch when I discovered the April 4 Weekender section did not need to be completely refolded to comfortably handle and read. Amazing. The Herald-Leader has finally fixed the folding machinery.

Well, no wonder. The cover featured University of Kentucky fans and Final Four festivities.

Anything for the Cats, I guess.

Phyllis O'Dell


Blurry outlook

I have known for years that Sen. Mitch McConnell and his staff were out of touch with the majority of the Kentucky citizens.

He has clearly proven his alienation when he failed to recognize the University of Kentucky Wildcats over Duke, and then inflicts an NCAA violation on the Cats in his effort to gain a vote.

I guess it's that national outlook of his because he is not looking out for Kentucky. It's clearly the second half and Kentucky needs a change.

David 0. Smith


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