Cats put on impressive SEC dress rehearsal in Kentucky Relays

mmaloney@herald-leader.comApril 19, 2014 

  • Kentucky Relays results



    5,000 meters — Katie Lever (Western Ky.) 16:50.81; Sally Larson (Lipscomb) 17:06.24; Minna Fields (Lipscomb) 17:26.09.

    4-by-100 relay — Kentucky 44.44; Tenn. St. 45.82; Va. Commonwealth 46.23.

    100 hurdles — Leah Nugent (UK) 13.41; Kayla Parker (UK) 13.44; Ciana Tabb (Purdue) 13.90.

    Mile — Callie Macumber (UK) 4:50.43; Samantha Ginther (Ind.) 4:52.00; Brianna Johnson (Ind.) 4:54.54.

    Shot put — Dani Bunch (Purdue) 53-7½ ; Emmonnie Henderson (Louisville) 51-6½ ; Liberty Slinden (Lvl.) 48-7½ .

    3,000 steeplechase — Kelsey Kluesner (Ind.) 10:47.85; Courtney Waterbury (Western Ky.) 11:46.10; Oteia Prince (Tenn. St.) 12:06.63.

    100 — Dezerea Bryant (UK) 11.55; Kenya Woodall (Cinti.) 11.74; Dominique Booker (UK) 11.77.

    400 — Kiara Porter (Va. Commonwealth) 52.92; Angelica Whaley (UK) 53.84; Aarin Jones (Purdue) 54.21.

    Javelin — Jenna Wargo (Lvl.) 147-7; Antonia Susnjar (Western Ky.) 139-0; Katie Wimpari (Lvl.) 128-1.

    Long jump — Crystal Walker (unatt.) 20-4¼; Clairwin Dameus (Tenn. St.) 20-0½ ; Kenyattia Hackworth (UK) 19-11½ .

    Pole vault — Katie Nageotte (Team Pacer) 14-1¼ (meet record); Chanel Krause (Lvl.) 12-9½ ; Alyssa McBride (Cinti.) 12-9½ .

    400 intermediate hurdles — Clairwin Dameus (Tenn. St.) 1:00.31; Loren Dyer (Marshall) 1:01.84; De'Nisha Smith (Va. Commonwealth) 1:01.86.

    Hammer throw — Brooke Pleger (Bowling Green) 211-5; Beckie Famurewa (UK) 191-8; Patrice Gates (Lvl.) 190-0.

    200 — Alisha Adair (UK) 23.91; Cierra McGee (unatt.) 24.01; LaToya Williams (Ind.) 24.34.

    800 —Kari Shoolbraid (Purdue) 2:04.66; Allison Peare (UK) 2:05.01; Bre'Anna Smith (Purdue) 2:06.97.

    High jump — Erika Hurd (Cinti.) 5-10; Emma Kimoto (unatt.) 5-10; Maggie Gilbertson (Lvl.) 5-7.

    Triple jump — Klara Michalska (Western Ky.) 39-5; JaLyn Burr (Tenn. St.) 38-11½ ; Felicia Oladakun (Tenn. St.) 38-9½ .

    4-by-400 relay — Purdue 3:36.90; Kentucky "B" 3"39.46; Kentucky "A" 3:40.89.

    Discus — Lexia Robinson (Western Ky.) 173-9; Satrina Oliviera (Western Ky.) 172-11; Beckie Famurewa (UK) 166-10.


    5,000 — Juan Gonzalez (Lipscomb) 14:39.83; Chase Ratliff (Morehead) 14:40.91; Endalow Takele (Western Ky.) 14:42.51.

    110 hurdles — Keith Hayes (unattached) 13.74; Brandon Winters (Purdue) 14.12; Nick Anderson (UK) 14.34.

    4-by-100 relay — Ill. 40.40; Purdue 40.94; Bellarmine 41.63.

    Mile — Rorey Hunter (Ind.) 4:00.97; Keffri Neal (UK) 4:05.11; Dan Porter (Purdue) 4:06.93.

    Javelin — Raymond Dykstra (UK) 250-2; Stephen Burk (Mich.) 201-1; Benn Dodds (Ill.) 192-6.

    Hammer throw — Chukwuebuka Enekwechi (Purdue) 224-5; Ethan Dennis (Mich.) 217-8; Sam Bombaugh (Lvl.) 206-7.

    3,000 steeplechase — Michael Jordan (unatt.) 8:49.36; Jason Crist (Ind.) 8:58.86; Nolan Fife (Ind.) 9:05.18.

    100 — Raheem Mostert (Purdue) 10.38; Kind Butler (unatt.) 10.46; Brandon Stryganek (Ill.) 10.49.

    400 — Stephon Pamilton (Ill.) 46.53; Jahquil Hargrove (Miami, O) 47.05; Darnell Gilbert (Cinti.) 47.31.

    Shot put — Chukwuebuka Enekwechi (Purdue) 61-10¼; Brad Szypka (UK) 61-3½ ; Raigo Toompuu (unatt.) 60-8½ .

    400 hurdles — André Peart (Purdue) 50.54; Cam Viney (Ill.) 50.59; Calvin Arsenault (Lvl.) 51.86.

    200 — Raheem Mostert (Purdue) 21.07; D.J. Zahn (Ill.) 21.10; Andrew Kendrick (Purdue) 21.38.

    Long jump — Tyler Anderson (Tenn. St.) 23-11; Patrick Cochran (Mich.) 23-4; Shaquille Cragwall (Tenn. St.) 23-0¾.

    800 — Tretez Kinnaird (Ind.) 1:47.99; Matt Hillenbrand (UK) 1:48.07; Kevin Griffith (Purdue) 1:48.64.

    High jump — Justin Kretchmer (UK) 6-10¼; Bradley James (Mich.) 6-8¼; Peter Stefanski (Miami, O) 6-8¼.

    Triple jump — Chris Hercules (unatt.) 50-2¾; Branden Tanthavong (Ill.) 48-4; Michael Patterson (UK) 48-2¾.

    Discus — Andrew Evans (UK) 199-8; Brandon Noe (Ill.) 179-5; Macklin Tudor (Cinti.) 179-4.

    4-by-400 relay — Purdue 3:11.16; Miami, O 3:11.84; Ill. 3:13.68.

    Pole vault — Cody Klein (Ill.) 17-4½ ; Charles Moushey (UK) 17-0¾; Scott Houston (unatt.) 16-6¾.



    Teams — Bryan Station 83; Madison Cent. 77½ ; Tates Creek 65; Lex. Catholic 61; Bullitt East 44½ ; Rockcastle Co. 39; Franklin Co. 18; Daviess Co. 15; Cinti. McAuley 15; Beechwood 14; Eaton 10; Sayre 4; Lvl. Holy Cross 4; McCracken Co. 3.

    High jump — Heaven Bigelow (Tates Creek) 5 feet; Rachel Roberts (Bryan Station) 5-0; Jeanice Boyd (Bryan Station) 4-8.

    Long jump — Lauren Phillips (Lex. Catholic) 15-2 ¾; Katelynn Hensley (Rockcastle Co.) 15-0; Maryssa Stewart (Madison Cent.) 14-10¾.

    4-by-800 relay — Cinti. McAuley 9:50.95; Bullitt East 10:14.76; Madison Cent. 10:35.54.

    4-by-100 relay — Tates Creek 49.68; Bryan Station 50.57; Lex. Catholic 52.41.

    100 hurdles — Catherine Bloomfield (Bryan Station) 15;58; Alexis Conner (Madison Cent.) 16.46; Bridgette Mangold (Lex. Catholic) 17:29.

    Mile — Michelle McKinney (Eaton) 5:08.68; Michaela Reinhart (Lex. Catholic) 5:10.92; Whitney O'Bryan (Daviess Co.) 5:12.48.

    4-by-200 relay — Bryan Station 1:43.03; Tates Creek 1:44.23; Madison Cent. 1:50.30.

    100 — Brooke Raglin (Bryan Station) 12.27; Natavia Barber (Tates Creek) 12.37; Meghan Roby (Bullitt East) 12.59.

    800 sprint medley relay — Bryan Station 1:52.37; Tates Creek 1:57.27; Madison Central 1:58.51.

    Distance medley relay — Lex. Catholic 13:07.95; Daviess Co. 13:23.11; Bullitt East 13:30.30.

    4-by-400 relay — Tates Creek 4:06.65; Bullitt East 4:13.82; Rockcastle Co. 4:29.46.

    Shot put — Raeven Cain (Madison Cent.) 31-8¾; Meghan Clemmons (Madison Cent.) 31-5; Kristen Ellis (Franklin Co.) 31-0½ .


    Teams — Madison Cent. 76; Bryan Station 65; Cinti. LaSalle 50; Lex. Catholic 48; Daviess Co. 36; Bullitt East 32; Pulaski Co. 28; Lafayette 28; Tates Creek 22; Elliott Co. 20; Beechwood 12; Eaton 9; South Oldham 5; Sayre 5; Franklin Co. 1.

    4-by-800 relay —Cinti. LaSalle 8:34.36; Bryan Station 8:51.41; Bullitt East 9:00.08.

    4-by-100 relay — Madison Cent. 45.60; Lex. Catholic 46.29; Elliott Co. 53.24.

    Long jump — Tim Bell (Cinti. LaSalle) 20-6¼; Kaleb Rowe (Pulaski Co.) 19-10¾; Austin Hyden (Pulaski Co.) 19-5¼.

    110 hurdles — Desmond Howard (Bryan Station) 15.82; Will Hinton (Madison Cent.) 16.13; Seth Reynolds (Eaton) 16.14.

    Mile — John Spencer (Lafayette) 4:25.80; Mason Crump (Madison Cent.) 4:27.80; Mason Blevins (Pulaski Co.) 4:28.71.

    4-by-200 relay — Bryan Station 1:30.65; Cinti. LaSalle 1:31.30; Madison Cent. 1:34.79.

    High jump — Tim Bell (Cinti. LaSalle) 6-4; Austin Hyden (Pulaski Co.) 6-4; Trase Milburn (Bullitt East) 6-4.

    100 — Bolaji Ogbulu (Bryan Station) 11.27; Tevin Washington (Daviess Co.) 11.36; Keenan Miller (Madison Cent.) 11.74.

    800 sprint medley relay — Lafayette 1:36.03; Cinti. LaSalle 1:37.34; Madison Cent. 1:42.81.

    Distance medley relay — Madison Cent. 10:50.67; Lafayette 10:58.20; Daviess Co. 11:09.89.

    Shot put — James Taylor (Bryan Station) 45-9; Williams Sparks (Lex. Catholic) 44-10½ ; Sam Jones (Madison Cent.) 44-7.

    4-by-400 relay — Daviess Co. 3:33.44; Madison Cent. 3:42.87; Lex. Catholic 3:43.10.

Saturday's running of the Kentucky Relays served as a nice dress rehearsal for the Southeastern Conference Championships, which also will be contested next month at the UK Outdoor Track and Field Complex.

UK had plenty of winners on a windy, sunny day, topped by Raymond Dykstra in the javelin. His throw of 250 feet, 2 inches, is the second-best in the country this year.

"I've been working on a lot of things," the two-time All-American said. "This is a long overdue throw, basically, from me. I PR'd as a freshman, threw (247-5). And then finally now, after two years of overcoming injury and actually getting a good technique and everything, finally got to hit a big throw."

Dykstra said he's been working on getting faster, getting his timing down and executing his technique.

"Having my personal best at home is probably one of the best feelings," he said. "I really would have liked to have had it happen earlier, as anybody would, but for a personal best to finally come at home — it's a relief off your shoulders and it's like 'wow, all of the hard work that I've been doing on this track finally paid off.' ... Knowing that SECs are going to be here, it's really exciting for me and I'm looking forward to it."

Dykstra also set a personal record of 160-9 in the discus, an event won by teammate Andrew Evans at 199-8.

With 22 teams competing, Coach Edrick Floreal was pleased with Dykstra and Evans and, on the women's side, Alisha Adair.

Adair, a freshman out of Western Hills High School, won the 200 meters in 23.91 seconds and later had a :52.7 split on the 4-by-400 relay.

"Alicia Adair sort of jumped out from the crowd a little bit," Floreal said. "She's been sort of in the background doing her thing, kind of getting better."

Among the usual suspects with winning efforts were junior sprinter Dezerea Bryant and senior distance runner Cally Macumber.

Bryant, on The Bowerman watch list, did just enough to win the 100 in :11.55. She also ran on the winning 4-by-100 relay, as well as the 4-by-400.

Bryant said she felt good and just wanted to execute in the 100. Like Dykstra, she was pumped about turning in a keen effort at home.

"It's very important just to get the feel for the track on competition day," Bryant said. "We do practice here every day, but it's kind of different when it's in competition."

Macumber did most of the work at the front of the pack in the mile, only to see Indiana's Samantha Ginther sprint ahead with a lap to go. "I didn't know if I was ready for it," said Macumber, who fell a few yards off the pace.

She was ready for the challenge, though, and knew so for "probably the last 100. Like 'OK, I've got to go.' I'm just excited. This is my home opener and a good first start, I guess."

Macumber finished in 4:50.43 to Ginther's 4:52.00.

Wildcats placed 1-2 in the women's 100-meter hurdles, with Leah Nugent edging Kayla Parker :13.41 to :13.44.

Former Cats standout Keith Hayes took the men's hurdles in :13.74.

UK freshman Justin Kretchmer cleared 6-10¼ to prevail in the high jump.

One of the more stirring finishes of the day came in the men's 800.

Indiana's Tretez Kinnaird, a freshman out of Louisville Butler, controlled the race and won in 1:47.99.

UK's Matt Hillenbrand, boxed in for much of the way, put on a furious finish and crossed the line in 1:48.07.

Another 1-2 finish involving Indiana and Kentucky accounted for a track record in the mile. The Hoosiers' Rorey Hunter was a decisive winner in 4:00.97, followed by UK's Keffri Neal in 4:05.11.

Also literally topping a stadium record was Katie Nageotte in the women's pole vault. A former NCAA Division II champion for Ashland University, now competing for Team Pacer, she went over the bar at 14-1¼.

In addition to college competition, the Relays featured team scoring in a high school division. Bryan Station's girls and Madison Central's boys earned the team titles.

As for UK's efforts, Floreal called them "pretty good."

"I was hoping for some performances to be a little bit better. But I think, in the end, the kids tend to perform up to whatever (competition) you have, so whatever teams you have they'll perform up to that level. Plus, we had a couple hard weeks of training."

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