Letters to the Editor: April 24

April 24, 2014 

Wildcat freshmen should postpone going to NBA

The University of Kentucky Wildcats almost lived up tor pre-season predictions. What they did while many were freshmen was extraordinary; their talent is without question. That's why more should put on hold any aspirations of going pro right now.

If the NBA wants them this year, how much more will they want them next year or the year after when they hone their skills, develop more speed, strength, knowledge and confidence?

I have two words for them: Daniel Orton. He was one of the greatest Wildcats ever to play the game. He left and took the money. How many hours did Orton play last year? Or, was his primary role sitting on the bench watching? Ever hear of the Maine Red Claws?

If they stay at Kentucky, they'll be in the spotlight, demonstrating skills to a devoted fan base, playing the game they love, working their way up the ladder to win the big game once again.

The scouts will always be there. The longer they wait, the better they will be and the more they will be worth. Years from now, when they tell stories to their kids and grandkids, wouldn't it be nice to be able to say: "We were national champions. The best in the world." No one will ever be able to take that away from them.

Banning K. Lary


Cal's a mentor

During a recent morning workout, my channel-surfing led me to ESPN's Mike & Mike talk show, which happened to be interviewing Coach John Calipari.

Not ever having watched this show, I decided to see what the coach had to say and, wow, did he ever speak to my heart.

Being the mother of two teenage boys and serving as a mentor for a program called 4Kids at Morton Middle School, I understand the importance and impact of teaching our youth to be servant leaders.

Hearing Calipari share this same philosophy of coaching imparted a whole new level of respect for him. And it is evident in the players, both on and off the courts. Some former players have served as mentors in our schools.

Don't we all want our children to have a coach or mentor in their lives who believes in them and empowers them to be all that they can be? If we want to equip this generation of children to be world-changers, we should take careful note from the playbook to teach them how to be servant leaders.

Bridget Sweeney


Tribute to Stein

For 11 years in the Kentucky House, and four in the Kentucky Senate, Kathy Stein stood up for justice, fairness and equality.

Over her years of service, Stein was verbally assaulted and retaliated against by many, but she never wavered.

Tonight, the ACLU of Kentucky will honor her leadership, commitment, passion and work to protect reproductive rights at our annual Bill of Rights Program at the Ice House in downtown Louisville.

We honor Stein, now a Fayette County judge, because her life's work has been about creating opportunities for all Kentuckians.

The ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project believes that with reproductive freedom comes opportunity: opportunity to build strong families and to enjoy a productive and meaningful life.

We are giving Stein special recognition for the role she played in the General Assembly making a better commonwealth for all of us, and her current work in the judicial branch helping Kentucky families in need.

Amber G. Duke

Communications manager ACLU of Kentucky


Barr's broken promises

When legislative behavior completely contradicts campaign promises, officeholders deserve to be replaced. Such is the case with Congressman Andy Barr.

Barr promised to be compassionate and give family issues high priority. He voted to deny affordable health care to more than six million Americans.

He voted to reject nutritional assistance for needy Kentucky children and against offering relief to families displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Promise broken.

Barr promised to protect the financial welfare of struggling middle-class Kentuckians but has consistently sided with the too-big-to-fail banks. Promise broken.

Barr promised to be a "genuinely independent congressman." Instead, he is an inflexible ideologue who votes in lockstep with the obstructionist wing of the House. Promise broken.

I was one of many who believed Barr would bring a breath of fresh air to Congress. I admit I was wrong. He has become part of the problem. I am supporting Elisabeth Jensen for Congress.

Stacy V. Bearse


Sports tribalism

I am repeatedly surprised, primarily horrified, at our modern, western obsession with sports.

What surprises me most is its flagrant regressiveness. We may hope that ours is a progressive culture, putting value on that which is "other."

We may even think we moved beyond bigotry. Too often, however, we are reminded of these most base aspects of our nature.

What better to encourage this modern-day bigotry than a front- page column by Mark Story encouraging Kentuckians to "hate" the University of Connecticut.

Seriously? Even for Kentucky basketball, that's disappointing.

I happen to be from Connecticut. I've lived in Lexington the last six years, and I love my adopted home (and I even root for the basketball team). But I have a UConn alumni sticker on my car that sits on the street in a heavy foot-traffic neighborhood.

I'd rather not have University of Kentucky basketball fanatics be reminded to hate "my kind."

Sports has become the politically accepted form of tribal racism. We check the "World" section of the newspaper to discover the latest violence between rival clans in far-flung corners of the globe.

Maybe soon, with the encouragement of Story, that violence will come to my own doorstep.

Mark Tower


Vote for Bevin

Mitch McConnell is an old candidate who needs to go. His efforts have not helped this country. Matt Bevin is the clear choice in this race, a candidate who will support what the U.S. has always stood for.

Did McConnell try to stop Obamacare? Has McConnell shown leadership in the Senate? Did McConnell make you happy when he advanced debt ceiling legislation?

Think about your vote; it counts. Vote for smaller government and enforcement of our laws. Vote for Bevin

Aeneas Chance

Roseville, Calif.

U.S. backs extremists

Why is the U.S. State Department supporting the far right fascist neo-nazi Svodoba in Ukraine? Why? What good possibly could come of this?

First it was the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, then it was al-Qaida and the al Nusra front in Syria and now it is neo-nazi fascists in Eastern Europe.

Why is our government, the bastion of the free world, financially and militarily supporting these extremists worldwide?

Zach Atkins


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