Letters to the editor: April 29

April 29, 2014 

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Barr: I am working on better options than health law

Contrary to your editorial, Obamacare has made life harder for most Kentucky families, driving up costs, limiting choices of doctors and hospitals, and taking away insurance coverage people liked.

While some repeat the political attack that I have no solutions to improve health care and want to "take away health coverage," I've worked hard to respond to constituents' requests to put doctors, patients and families back in charge of health care, not Washington bureaucrats.

Kentucky families, workers and business owners want reform that lowers costs, expands coverage and covers pre-existing conditions without hurting quality or cutting jobs. That is why I introduced the Saving Lives, Saving Costs Act with Dr. Ami Bera, a Democratic congressman from California.

Our legislation would improve patient care, reduce defensive medicine and help lower costs by discouraging frivolous lawsuits. We do this without limiting anyone's access to justice in cases of medical negligence, but we provide better liability protection to providers who follow evidence-based guidelines developed by the medical community.

I also have co-sponsored the American Health Care Reform Act, which would allow individuals and families to deduct health care costs from their income taxes, allow small businesses and the self-employed to pool together and get the same insurance rates as large corporations, expand health savings accounts, and expand state-based high risk pools and coverage guarantees.

These are better solutions than Obamacare which, until replaced, will continue to destroy jobs, hurt medical innovation, take away choices and drive up costs.

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr


Higher priorities

Mayor Jim Gray encouraged fans of Rupp Arena's proposed new beauty mark to pass the cup to pay for it.

Then send the $80 million of proposed state money for the project to Eastern State Hospital to help our disturbed children wielding guns and knives, war-weary vets and other citizens who see no way out of their problems.

Alice Brady


Good omen

We got a real K-A-T coming to the University of Kentucky this fall: Karl-Anthony Towns. Should be a fun season with Willie and Co. Can't wait until November.

Brilla Philpot


Lamb for council

My husband and I built our home in Lexington's 4th District in 1965. I know the importance of having a council representative who will listen and respond. There have been many times when we did not even know the name of our representative, and it was difficult to get results if a problem arose.

Susan Lamb is my friend, and she is running for 4th District council representative. She retired from the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government after 27 years. She became council clerk in 2008. She has the experience and skills to serve the people of our district.

I know Lamb to be a caring person who will listen. When we elect her, we will certainly know who to contact with our neighborhood concerns and we also know she will take action. The primary election is May 20. Be sure to vote.

Virginia Long


McConnell half-truths

For years I have been watching Sen. Mitch McConnell on C-Span and other times when he is speaking to the American people and Kentuckians. I've watched him telling them half-truths and doing only what benefits him.

His favorite storybook and cartoon character must still be Pin occhio. I'll bet he never was asked to play Abe Lincoln in the school play. Lincoln always told the truth.

McConnell ought to be like the late radio show host Paul Harvey and tell the rest of the story.

Jeannie Bodine


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