Letters to the editor: May 3

May 3, 2014 

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Dome atop Commonwealth Stadium, keep Rupp as is

Once again we see our city getting ready to pour a mega amount of good money into Rupp Arena.

How many times in the last 30 years have we heard that investment in Rupp and the civic center makes it what it needs to be?

Unfortunately this time it's a lot more than $15 million here and $5 million there.

I know our city leaders haven't heard an idea put forth to me by a WHEELS driver. Since there are plans to update Commonwealth Stadium, convert it into a domed arena which can handle both football and basketball.

This exists in other cities, why not here?

The city shouldn't have to lose revenue. The University of Kentucky womens' team needs a larger venue. There are people who can't get tickets because Memorial Coliseum is too small.

A domed Commonwealth Stadium would attract large NCAA events, for which Rupp will never have the capacity.

The plan they've put forth is an abyss of debt. Tragically, we've watched our city do this too many times. Do we really want them to finally succeed in going bankrupt?

Robin Osgood


Double (dribble) standard

Let me get this straight: Julius Randle's mom had to leave the basketball game against Michigan near halftime because she had to go to work. Convicted felon Richie Farmer gets his report-to-prison date postponed so he could watch his son play in a high school game. Sure doesn't sound fair to me.

Let's hope Randle's mom gets to watch him play full games when he turns pro.

Linda S. Huff


Drugs can help, too

Any discussion of the Food and Drug Administration's approval of a new drug should take into account that legalization can create both winners and losers. Your editorial about Zohydro chose to address only the potential problems inherent in the FDA's decision.

You failed to acknowledge that thousands of patients suffer from chronic and debilitating pain that could not be alleviated by any of the existing drugs.

For these victims, a drug like Zohydro, which is five to 10 times stronger than Vicodin, will be a godsend that could restore their ability to lead normal lives.

Of course there will be abuses and overdoses, and we need to escalate the crackdown on pill mills. And pharmaceutical companies will benefit from the FDA approval. But so what?

Lets applaud the FDA for approving something that will make life bearable, perhaps for the first time, for millions of suffering people. To have witheld this mercy would have been cruel.

The same rationale applies to the legalization of medical marijuana. It should never have taken this long to approve cannabadiol to treat seizures and other maladies. To deprive patients of a proven alleviation in order to prevent potential abuse by others is simply wrong thinking.

Jean-Marie Welch


Forgive, help felons

House Bill 64, which died in the state Senate, was about expungment of low-level felony charges, excluding sex crimes, crimes against children and the elderly, and for persistent offenders. This would have been great and opened windows.

Felons should also improve themselves and their communities and get educated. I have talked to a lot of felons and some felt as if they couldn't get anywhere in life. Some were on government assistance.

I asked what they would do if their charges were expunged. Most replied they could get better jobs and education, would not have to rely on government assistance and be more stable for their family. That one felony charge hanging over their heads prevents them from doing so much in their lives and being able to move forward. Just this one act of forgiveness could play a small part in one's life and the economy.

Roger Osborne

Clay City

Bless Cardinal Hill

Kentuckians are blessed to have a facility in our state like Cardinal Hill hospital.

My father had a stroke on March fourth. He lost nearly all use of his right hand, arm and leg, and his speech was nearly gone. He was sent to Cardinal Hill and we, the family, had nothing but our prayers, hope and faith.

Those doctors, nurses and therapists were absolutely remarkable. They were a real blessing, and the whole facility was just so clean and well kept.

God bless the work that these fine people do.

Keith Combs and family


Skirting the issue

We never did hear Alison Grimes' position on cockfighting when it was learned that Matt Bevin attended a pro-cockfighting rally.

Of course, the biased media do little of their job anymore when it comes to asking certain candidates the tough questions.

We do know that Sen. Mitch McConnell is against this heinous practice and evidently Bevin doesn't seem to have a problem forcing two birds to cause each other injury and death while calling it sport.

Are we to gather from Grimes' silence that she is in favor of cockfighting?

Perhaps, as indicated by her silence, Grimes is quietly in favor of cockfighting. In which case, shame on her.

Bill Marshall


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