Letters to the editor/unendorsed candidates: May 6

May 6, 2014 

Choose a fiscal manager

With the city of Lexington preparing to spend nearly a half-billion dollars on the following projects: Rupp Arena and the convention center, the affordable-housing concern, the Town Branch project and the building of a senior citizen center, it would be only prudent to have a council member who understands and can interpret financial statements, balance sheets and cash-flow projections for these projects.

I believe that the decisions we make over the next four years will affect the future of Lexington for the next 10 to 15 years.

Without leaders who can understand finance and cash flow, the city of Lexington could make the same mistakes that Louisville made with the Yum Center. Louisville's bonds have been downgraded to junk and could hurt Louisville's ability to raise money for future projects.

That is why I am running for city council. I am the only candidate in the 6th District who has the financial skills to analyze and understand those fiscal issues. If you are looking for a candidate who is fiscally conservative, who is ready to ask the hard questions about spending your hard-earned tax dollars and will not approve any tax increases without the voters' approval, then I am your candidate.

My goal is to grow Lexington in a prudent and responsible manner. I am asking voters of the 6th District to support me in the May 20 primary. Go to my website, Turntohern.com, and watch the League of Women Voters forum and decide yourself who understands the issues better.

Thomas J. Hern

District 6 council candidate

A leader with integrity

It surprised me that the paper interviewed and endorsed the two other candidates considering they did not give me an opportunity to interview. They stated that I do not understand the depth of the issues facing the district, yet they have not even spoken to me about these issues in two years.

Since the last election, my wife and I had a beautiful baby boy, started a real estate company with Harold Tate (former head of the Downtown Development Authority) and started a construction company that, along with partners, buys abandoned/neglected homes in downtown Lexington.

We restore these homes with the hope they will provide permanent housing that is affordable. I am on the board of directors for the High Street YMCA and chaired the annual giving campaign the past two years.

I am a member of the Kiwanis Club, Lexington Charity Club, Young Realtors of the Bluegrass, and founded a citywide coat drive which has collected more than 5,000 coats in four years.

When the homeless shelters needed a new facility to house all of their services, they did not contact the other two candidates, they contacted me for assistance because of my years of service to them and my knowledge of planning, zoning and construction.

The 3rd District needs someone who will listen to the needs of citizens and lead with integrity. When elected to council, I promise to always do the proper due diligence needed to educate myself fully before rendering a decision on any important subject.

Rock Daniels

District 3 council candidate

Reject stagnant thinking

I'm Barry Saturday, and I am the only candidate for 4th District council advocating moving Rupp Arena back to the University of Kentucky campus, where we won our first four championships.

Imagine the roar of 70,000 BBN fans in a domed Commonwealth Stadium/Rupp Arena. Imagine not only having the greatest tradition in college basketball, but also the most fans at our games — period. In addition, $5 upper arena seats — no longer will seeing real UK games at Rupp be unattainable for families. Lastly, I am the only UK grad in the race. Go Big Blue.

What about Lexington's heroin problem? Sources at the police union say Lexington currently has about half the officers the FBI recommends for Lexington. We must fix the police gap, increase funding for LPD's DEA task force immediately, and encourage our state legislators to pass Senate Bill 5 ASAP. The current council budget adds a few more officers, but that will barely cover retiring ones. This brings up police and fire pensions. The current government is not listening to retirees who plan the pensions, and this is wrong.

Candidates this newspaper endorsed have "limited constituent outreach." (Read: don't talk to voters) or have been in government their entire lives. This sounds like a recipe for stagnation in the political gene pool.

I appreciated the kind words the Herald-Leader said about me: I am "engaging and intelligent" but haven't been in government long enough. To me, that's a strength. Vote Saturday for Council on May 20 — Facebook.com/Saturday.page.

Barry Saturday

District 4 council candidate

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