Letters to the editor: May 7

May 7, 2014 

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Politicians run for cover from Nevada rancher

Has anyone noticed the stampede of politicians out of the state of Nevada and away from Cliven Bundy's ranch?

After rushing to Bundy's defense when the government tried to end the subsidizing of his grazing rights on government land, these same politicians were running for cover when Bundy put his boot in his mouth and said "the Negro" would be "better off as slaves" than "under government subsidy."

Does Bundy want to join them?

Glen F. Kirk


Kay disappoints

In 2010, council at-large candidate Steve Kay was quoted in the Herald-Leader saying he wanted to end the frivolous spending of our tax dollars by the government.

After he was elected, another council member pushed for a vote to establish a department to monitor government spending. Kay said it would just be another level of bureaucracy. So much for believing a candidate.

Later, Kay made a motion to establish a new department in government he wanted which will be another level of bureaucracy. This is a department that has nothing to do with ending frivolous spending of tax dollars or using money we have well.

Taxpayers will now be footing the bill for a new director, staff, employees, their pay, benefits, etc. Is this any way to save our tax dollars? Just proves a candidate will say anything to get elected.

Stan Houston


Haskins for state House

With the retirement of Jesse Crenshaw from the Kentucky House, we are losing a powerful advocate. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to elect Michael Haskins to carry that banner.

Haskins will fight for quality education, jobs for working families and a fair living wage.

He is an active member of the Fayette County Democratic Party Executive Committee and is currently our 1st District magistrate. He served for years as president of his local neighborhood association and understands the needs of his constituents.

Haskins knows that sensible local business development will boost our economy and provide jobs. He has been endorsed by the Kentucky Educators Political Action Committee, Teamsters Local 651, Kentucky State AFL-CIO, the Laborers International Union of North America, and the Kentucky Attorneys Political Action Trust.

If you live in the 77th Legislative District, please vote for Haskins for state representative.

Brenda McClanahan


Larson for council

Vote for Jon Larson on May 20 for a place on the city council. Larson is an attorney who is helping veterans and the homeless and defending the vulnerable. He works for smaller government, felon voting rights, immigration reform and reducing the number of drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally ill going to jail. Larson is a really great guy doing great things for Fayette citizens.

Sharon McGuire


Jensen's poor strategy

It appears that one of the Democrats wanting to reclaim the congressional seat once held by Ben Chandler didn't learn from the 2012 election. Or maybe this person is so liberal and in line with Barack Obama that she doesn't care what Sixth District residents believe.

Chandler went to Washington and lost his way, voting time after time with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and President Obama — against the will of his constituents.

Now Elisabeth Jensen is attacking Rep. Andy Barr for opposing Obamacare, hurling the same baseless attacks liberals have used for years. Jensen's strategy shows desperation and is a sign she shares more in common with Obama and Pelosi than residents of the district.

I urge citizens of the Sixth District to continue to support Barr as he diligently works, listens to the concerns of his constituents and is steadfastly dedicated in his representation.

Lisa Moore


McConnell for the rich

Our do-nothing Sen. Mitch McConnell has again filibustered a vote to raise the minimum wage. Although the Senate passed the wage bill with a majority of 54 votes, McConnell has blocked it. He has no concern for those struggling in the post-crash economy — a crash his policies helped to create.

Two-thirds of Americans, the majority of the Senate and the majority of Kentuckians want the minimum wage increased, but McConnell prefers to help the rich. Low wages allow the rich to stockpile millions in Swiss bank accounts or in the Cayman Islands.The working poor will continue to struggle for an ever-shrinking piece of pie.

McConnell does not speak for the majority of people in Kentucky, he doesn't speak for the majority of Americans and he blocks the will of the Senate majority.

Republicans, Independents and Democrats all can agree that McConnell is a pathetic excuse for a senator.

Tina Hoffman


McConnell fights for all

Kentucky is fortunate to have Sen. Mitch McConnell, the most powerful Kentuckian in Washington since Alben Barkley, a majority leader and later vice president. His re-election this year would enable Kentucky to enjoy the opportunities that position of leadership can provide.

McConnell is a friend of the farmer, coal miner, businessman, conservationist, preservationist, senior citizen as well as all Kentuckians. Being a leader means you have to stand up for your principles, look the other guy in the eye and be able to sit down and work out a decision that is beneficial to all. That's how McConnell gets things done.

We know the registration in Kentucky favors the Democratic Party and it takes voters from both parties to re-elect our outstanding senior senator. McConnell is able to work with fellow senators to achieve the optimum for the nation. I am proud to be a member of Team Mitch.

Ted Kuster


Putin leverage

Insider trading and crazy capitalism give Russian President Vladimir Putin greater leverage. America should lead by example.

The federal government sells General Motors stock for a profit. Two weeks later the feds charge GM with misconduct in auto accidents. Uncle Sam is conducting insider trading.

President Barack Obama met privately with hedge fund managers and other elite investors. He encouraged them to sell Russian stocks and showed his plan regarding Ukraine.

Despite good intentions, Obama alienated small investors, small investment firms and Occupy Wall Street types with his favoritism.

James Gould


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