Letters to editor: May 8

May 8, 2014 

  • Correction

    An April 25 letter by Danny Milner of Berry incorrectly said that the Humane Society of the United States violated tax law by calling on Matt Bevin to quit the U.S. Senate race for attending a rally of cockfighting enthusiasts. It was the group's lobbying organization, the Humane Society Legislative Fund, that legally made that statement.

  • Election letters

    Letters about candidates in theMay 20 primary are limited to 150 words and must be received by5 p.m. Monday.

Fayette wastes money policing public smoking

The April 27 article, "10 years after it became law, Fayette County's smoking ban is gaining acceptance" begins by describing two Lexington-Fayette County Health Department employees sneaking around strip clubs to nab patrons for smoking.

Indeed, the article says that these employees, "are spending this Thursday night, like many Thursday nights over the years, going to strip clubs and bars looking for people operating on the wrong side of the law: smokers." They try to catch folks in the act because, "Prosecutors at the county attorney's office told inspectors that it's easier to defend the citations if there is absolute proof of smoking."

Now get this picture — we are paying health department employees to skulk around strip clubs and if they are successful in nabbing someone in the dastardly act of smoking we are then using the scarce resources of our county attorney's office to prosecute them.

Your readers may have heard the rumors that we have real criminals in Fayette County — murderers, rapists, thieves, etc.

We have lost our minds when we allow such nonsense. Even worse, many seem to be on a crusade to get the remainder of the state to be equally stupid. All this and so very soon after April 15.

Dave Rosenbaum


Bevin shines on KET

Matt Bevin was exceptional on KET's Republican primary program. His real-life experiences make him the kind of senator we need. Bevin learned the value of hard work by helping his family grow and raise their own food. He attended Washington and Lee University on an ROTC scholarship, served in the U.S. Army for four years, owns small businesses and is a job creator.

He and his wife have nine children, four of whom are adopted. He makes decisions using the Christian values he holds dear.Bevin believes the opportunity to live the American dream made America great. Out-of-control big government, plus burdensome regulations and high tax rates, are making that dream more difficult to achieve. He is not seeking to be a career politician, but rather to work with other conservative senators to rein in government. See for yourself: http://www.ket.org/video. Click on Kentucky Tonight.

Carol Miller


Larson for at-large

Fayette County voters, the choice is clear in the Urban County Council at-large race: Jon Larson, a true public servant. Larson is a veteran of our armed forces, having served in the U.S. Army. He will work hard to make Lexington-Fayette County a better place to live and work.

I got to know Larson as a dedicated trial attorney and had the privilege to see his strong work ethic in court cases. So I have firsthand knowledge of his ability and know he will serve Lexington-Fayette County well.

James Jeffrey Coleman


U.S. needs Young

Cultured, civilized societies consist of informed people who are morally sound, ethically strong, honest, conscientious and selflessly looking out for the benefit of our nation. One such person is Geoff Young of Lexington, who is contesting for the U.S. House.

I have known Young since the 1980s. He is a fine gentleman, free of envy, greed and ego, who has been serving the community via churches, social institutions and government channels. He is an honest person, always eager to help and a true environmentalist who practices before he preaches.

He has composted his kitchen waste, turning it into feed for a beautiful kitchen garden. He believes in simple living and high thinking. His ideals are welfare for all. He is a clear-minded, strong believer in truth and humanity.

The U.S. needs persons of high character and hardworking nature; Young is one such energetic patriot.

Durga Nagda

Lake Mary, Fla.

Oust McConnell

Although I have supported Mitch McConnell since he first ran for Senate, I have become increasingly unhappy with his actions and non-actions. When I sat down to write this letter I went chapter and verse with my misgivings but soon realized I would exceed the maximum length and I wasn't even halfway through.

So instead I just want to say this: If you are happy with the way things are going in Washington then, by all means, vote for McConnell because he will make sure the status quo is maintained. If, on the other hand, you want a true conservative to represent Kentucky, vote for Matt Bevin.

The upcoming primary will show where the Republican Party in Kentucky stands. McConnell says he wants to crush the Tea Party; I would rather see the Tea Party crush him.

Elections have consequences, so think before you cast your vote.

Bill Leonard


Kay visionary

I have had the good fortune to work with council member Steve Kay on a variety of civic projects.

Kay is extremely knowledgeable about how the city works and is a creative problem-solver. He is consistently thoughtful, helpful and generous with his time.

Kay responds to phone calls and email messages quickly and follows through on his promises. His honest and clear communication and calming presence make group process more effective.

In addition to all these fine qualities, Kay is a visionary. His work to provide support for homeless people, reduce health care costs and create and fund Lexington's first local food coordinator position are just three of the important efforts he has made in his first term as an at-large council member.

Lexington is lucky to have Kay as a public servant and I heartily recommend voting for him for a second term of office.

Anita Courtney


Spare research lab

Tom Eblen's April 23 column shines light on the historic significance of the University of Kentucky's Wenner-Gren Research Lab.

Designed by Lexington architect Ernst Johnson in the 1940s and financed by Electrolux, it served in many ways — not the least of which was as a training ground for Mercury space flight chimpanzees.

Unique in appearance and drenched in history, it is well worth saving from the wrecking ball. It should be repurposed rather than destroyed, and Eblen's suggestion that it be used as a coffee shop, cafe or cafeteria is excellent,

Robin Carrington

Mount Sterling

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