Letters to the editor, May 9, 2014

May 9, 2014 

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Republicans want to suppress voting by Democrats

Democrats have to hope the Obamacare-bashing Republican Tea Party will fail in its attempt to take control of the Senate and retain control of the House.

Anti-Obama, anti-government Republicans have no vision, only an unjust agenda which overwhelmingly favors the rich at the expense of the majority middle class and poor.

Democrats have to work hard to show the American people that Obamacare is working, despite Republican efforts to repeal it.

Obamacare has a bright future, but if it is to move forward, Democrats must work even harder to get their voters to the polls in 2014 than they did in the successful 2012 presidential election.

With great determination, countless numbers of Democrats must make sure Republican attempts to suppress the votes of minorities and the poor do not keep these voters, who are likely to vote Democratic, from casting their votes.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


Thank a nurse

This week is National Nurses Week. I want to thank my peers, teachers and caregivers. They are a wonderful example of caring professionals.

As a board member of the Kentucky Chapter of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, I know how important it is to advocate for nurses. It is time to thank nurses, encourage people to join our profession and continue to support each other.

This is our week to celebrate and enjoy our profession. Remember a nurse this week who has touched your life.

Kathy Brotzge


Hern for council

It was with great interest that I read the endorsement of Thomas Hern's opponents in the 6th District race, based on the belief that they understand how government works.

Don't we already have an Urban County Council made up of individuals who "know how government works?"

I am convinced Hern has the perfect background for a council position. He owned and was general manager of two automotive dealerships. After selling them, he developed an international automotive management course at Northwood University in Dallas. Currently he is an automotive dealership consultant. Hern has been concerned with finances and saving expenses his entire career.

During the next year or two the council may be voting on committing millions to the Rupp project. Who do you want representing you, someone who "knows how government works" or someone who understands finance and expenses?

Hern is the financial type we need on the council.

Norman Johnson


Young for 6th District

Voters concerned about our environment should pay close attention to Geoff Young, candidate for the 6th District congressional seat in the Democratic primary.

He has devoted a lifetime to environmental causes and has over 20 years of professional experience as an advocate for clean energy.

He has worked with multiple industries, including all Kentucky utility companies, to find feasible solutions for problems affecting the quality of our air and water.

The policies he proposes to address pollution are fair-minded, level-headed and based on conservative economics.

Young understands the need for industries to thrive. He would address pollution costs, currently passed on to the public, with a "pollution tax" which treats all sources of pollution equally.

By supporting regulation of the fracking industry, Young intends to wage war on pollution, not on coal. He is prepared to champion our environment and natural resources.

Judith Humble


Women vote, too

As a father of three daughters, I find Rep. Stan Lee's quoted comments regarding Alison Lundergan Grimes as an "empty dress" both sexist and reprehensible.

But what is even more astounding is that Lee freely chose to resurrect these shameful remarks even after they had been previously denounced by members of his own Republican Party.

Makes you wonder just who Lee thinks are his constituents?

Does he view them as only old and angry white men who secretly wish to relive the 1950s and want all women, minorities and anyone else who doesn't fit to just go back to the kitchen and stay the hell out of the way?

I should hope that as an educated man and an elected official, Lee will finally "get it," join the 21st century, and realize that old, angry white men are not the only ones who vote.

Mike J. Kennedy


Lead with women

Kynect's success established Kentucky as a national leader.

Kentuckians have another opportunity to lead.

The national spotlight centers on Alison Lundergan Grimes v. Sen. Mitch McConnell. But MSNBC.com's Anna Brand featured Kentucky women posing a threat to Republicans.

The article said, "31 progressive women candidates ... have filed for elective office in the Bluegrass state this year. ... For the first time in nearly 100 years, control of the Kentucky statehouse is up for grabs. Eight female candidates represent the Democratic Party's best hope to retain the majority.

"Two dozen other Democratic women are running in city and county races. All of them graduated from a program run by Emerge Kentucky, part of Emerge America, a national organization working ... to prepare women to run for office."

Kentuckians are going to walk the walk and become national leaders in electing women.

Ramona Rush


Friends like these

I find it very Kentucky Coal Association-like (and very Republican-like) of KCA President Bill Bissett to "warn" senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes about from whom she should take money.

According to Bissett, any candidate who receives campaign donations from anyone in support of climate protection would "identify you as being against the production and use of Kentucky coal."

This makes me wonder about many things.

First, did KCA, Bissett, and the Republicans warn Mitch McConnell not to take the $100,000-plus he has accepted from NextEra Energy, a renewable energy group, a company that's not exactly for coal?

Second, is this type of warning really because Grimes is a woman? Would these warnings really be directed to the male candidates in this same manner?

Lastly, although these warnings are supported by the Republicans, could it really be that the KCA and Bissett are secretly getting ready to endorse Grimes?

Stanley Sturgill


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