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Joel Pett: Brown wrong on key issues; vote for Haskins for 77th House

Herald-leader cartoonistMay 9, 2014 

This Herald-Leader editorial board tries hard for a unanimous decision, but we don't always reach it.

In 30 years of candidate interviews, I'm not sure I've ever been quite as taken aback as I was by George Brown.

I like and respect former councilman Brown, but he made a real jaw-dropper of a statement ... and then compounded it.

"It seems that whenever there's a conflict between developers and preservationists, the preservationists always win," he opined. "And you only get one chance at development."

Brown cited as evidence of the latter that the decision to run Interstates 75 and 64 around the city, rather than straight through downtown, was a mistake.

I gave him a chance to moderate the stance, asking if the precise opposite wasn't true, that you only get one chance at preservation, but many opportunities to develop. His reply: "Well, that's another point of view."

Brown was consistently pro-development when he served on the Urban County Council. He was on the wrong side of the Kentucky American Water debacle and didn't support the Purchase of Development Rights program.

Think how many opportunities there are in Frankfort to put private special interests ahead of the public good.

Michael Haskins may lack Brown's experience, but that's a good thing. He seems like a decent man, I like his compelling life story, and I intend to vote for him for the 77th House District.

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