Letters to the editor: May 10

May 10, 2014 

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Prosperity, opportunity, manufacturing jobs for Woodford County

I would like to see more jobs, opportunity and prosperity for my community. We need more "Help Wanted" and "Under Construction" signs on Main Street, Troy Pike and Lexington Road. The time is here, we need the Gateway Center.

I want to bring to everyone's attention two Facebook pages and the spirited conversations on each; Welcome Wal-Mart to Versailles, and Stop Wal-Mart in Versailles

Woodford County also needs a new industrial park for light and medium manufacturing jobs and the opportunity for prosperity will benefit each and every merchant in Woodford County.

Sustainable growth can be achieved. Uniquely Woodford County, a Work Ready Community. All employment sectors must be given full consideration.

Rick Wade


Paper's double standard

The Herald-Leader's double standard for leaders who oppose President Barack Obama is amazing.

Conservative congressman Andy Barr is attacked for merely attending a fund-raiser in the same room as a congressman from New York who did not contribute a single penny to the Barr campaign.

Meanwhile, liberal congressional candidate Elisabeth Jensen accepted $2,600 directly from a Kentuckian whose conviction on violating state ethics law was overturned only on a technicality.

I will not hold my breath for the Herald-Leader article asking Barr's Obama-supporting opponent to return this campaign contribution, especially when that $2,600 contributor is Jerry Lundergan, father of conservative Mitch McConnell's opponent in the race for U.S. Senate.

Carol Rogers


Stinnett for council

Lexington needs Kevin O. Stinnett in one of the three council-at-large seats. The May 20 primary is very important, as 13 candidates are running for three seats, with the field being narrowed to six for the November general election.

Stinnett has served the 6th District since 2004. As a board member of a neighborhood association, I have witnessed firsthand his excellent service, not only to his district but to this city. I feel it is my duty to let the citizens know that we absolutely cannot afford to lose him.

Stinnett is a proven leader, a strong voice and problem solver. He has sponsored and co-chaired numerous projects that have made life better for us (Phase 1 widening of Liberty Road, architect of a $13 million resurfacing bond in 2013, numerous parks/trail and public safety projects, etc).

Vote Stinnett for council at large.

Joy Watson


Coal decline inevitable

You have seen the campaign ad: ol' sour-puss Mitch McConnell proclaiming the evil Democrats are going to destroy the coal industry, but he won't let it happen.

For the past couple of decades Republicans have dominated political offices in Kentucky coal districts.

During that time the thick coal seams have been largely depleted with a resulting steep rise in the cost of coal and substantial loss of jobs.

Yet, what have McConnell and his cohorts done to help those counties and workers shift to a post-coal economy?

Now, in an effort to distract from the facts, McConnell's cronies spend millions proclaiming he will stop the inevitable from happening.

It is time Kentuckians wise up to this huckster and replace him with someone who has genuine concern for the well-being of those whose income and wealth are squeezed by ultra-wealthy ringmasters who are the focus of most of McConnell's attention.

Alvin Goldman


White for judge-executive

If you are a registered Democrat in Fayette County, please consider voting for Alayne White for county judge-executive in the May 20 primary. White has the intellect, the experience and the commitment to public service we need in our elected officials.

George W. Mills


Disability runaround

I don't understand why when you go to these disability services that taxpayers pay for to get some real help, all you get are run-arounds, passing the buck, coverups and excuses.

I am talking about the Department of Justice disability rights section and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It's a waste of taxpayers' money.

Your congressmen or congresswomen know about this but still cover it up. Something needs to be done to put a stop to this kind of coverup.

Do you want your tax money to pay for runarounds, passing the buck, cover ups and excuses?

Jerry Ginter


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