Letters/unendorsed candidates: May 13

May 13, 2014 

Fresh perspective needed

I am honored to be able to lend my voice to the important issues facing Fayette County, and I am humbled by the challenges that lie ahead.

In this campaign, I have added my voice to issues that are important and need to be brought to the table: The affordable housing trust fund, because our city needs that dedicated fund with no ceiling. Raising the minimum wage, because Lexington needs a raise.

Our heroin epidemic because our children are dying. I have talked about testing and cleaning up our watersheds; our bus system; gentrification; jobs; and entrepreneurial zones to grow our city from the bottom up, not the top down.

I will work with any of the other candidates in this race. My philosophy is, "We may disagree on some things, but the things we do agree on, let's get those done; we can debate the rest later."

Based on the Herald-Leader's endorsements in this race of only past or present council members or city employees, the editorial board seems to be happy with the current state of Lexington's leadership.

I submit that we need a fresh perspective and revised priorities to become a progressive 21st-century city that meets the needs of all of its citizens.

In closing let me ask: Will you please vote for Jerry C. Moody for council at-large? Thank you.

Jerry C. Moody

Candidate, council at-large

Effective voice for change

With 46 seats in the Kentucky House of Representatives, Republicans are poised to win a majority in the lower house of the legislature for the first time in 100 years.

With an unpopular president and a stagnant economy, people across the commonwealth are looking for new leadership and thoughtful ideas about how to get things back on the right track.

My name is Lavinia Spirito, and while I am not a politician, I have stepped forward to be a part of a new common-sense conservative majority in the Kentucky House.

This primary has been exciting. Our team is working hard on door-to-door visits, community meetings and outreach to every part of the 76th District. My campaign is focused on winning, so that we may offer an alternative capable of bringing about real change in Frankfort.

However, Republicans, Independents, and, yes, Democrats will not see these big changes without a credible challenger with the vision and organization to compete with the incumbent this fall.

When elected, my goal is not to be somebody; I want to do something. I believe we need to pass right-to-work, shrink government and fight to protect life.

My opponent in the GOP primary has worked hard but has proven incapable of carrying the message into November these past two election cycles.

The people are ready for a new leader but are still looking for an effective voice. I would like to be that voice this November.

Lavinia Spirito

Candidate, House 76th District

Experience to serve city

I thank the Herald-Leader editorial board for acknowledging my experience as an educator, administrator and policy analyst in government.

However, I am very disappointed that it felt my experience in government policy and operations are not the qualifications important to earn the endorsement.

It is my desire to serve and represent the 2nd District Council and bring my experience in auditing, budgeting, community service, education, justice and procurement services to the district and the city of Lexington.

I am seeking office because I am concerned about the future of the 2nd District as it relates to the education of our children, jobs and economic development in our community. I am also concerned about crime in our neighborhoods as well as maintaining funding for necessary public services that contribute to the safety of our entire city.

It is my desire to be the link between the citizens and government; therefore, I humbly ask the citizens of the 2nd District to consider my qualifications and vote for Costner on May 20.

Byron Costner

Candidate, Council District 2

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