Letters to editor/election: May 14

May 14, 2014 

Choose White

I urge you to vote Alayne White for Fayette County judge-executive. I have known her personally and professionally since 1999 and I am confident she is the right choice.

The judge-executive must possess strong leadership skills and the ability to exercise fair judgment. Through a combination of formal education at Centre College and the University of Kentucky, as well as her professional experience in roles as Lexington's commissioner for social services and executive advisor to the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet, she has demonstrated she has the skills and experience to be the next Fayette County Judge Executive.

White is a long-term public servant who possesses a strong work ethic and leads with integrity and respect. Exercise your right to vote on May 20. Vote Alayne White, Fayette County judge-executive.

Stephanie Haynes Ratliff


Moloney for council

I am writing this to ask the people of Lexington to vote for Richard Moloney in the upcoming election. I have known him for many years and they just don't make people like him anymore. He has served the people of Lexington for many years and the state for a number of years. He is a person who does not serve for just one political party, but for the good of all. He is a man who does what he thinks is right for our city, not for what is right for the big companies that want to try to buy votes. He will always do what's right for the citizens and not cave in to power brokers who want to do whatever they want to do.

He is a man who values not only the people of Lexington, but is also a man of faith. You will not find a better person to represent us and I hope Lexington will see this and vote for him.

Patrick Doyle


No to Grimes

The closing of the Fruit of the Loom plant in Jamestown is a major blow, with 600 lost jobs. Candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes attacked Sen. Mitch McConnell about his failure to create jobs in Kentucky. First, take note that the Jamestown plant is a subsidiary of the company run by Democratic billionaire Warren Buffet. Increased profits motivates Buffet to move his operation overseas.

Disincentives to stay in America are tax structure, overregulation and health-care costs, to name a few.

Our current administration bears the responsibility for creating or continuing an adverse environment for businesses. As the saying goes, "The Senate is the place where House bills go to die."

Senate leader Harry Reid has blocked more legislation than one can list. It is our president who is destroying Kentucky's coal industry. Put the Democrats in the minority during the midterms and we have a chance to create jobs and grow the middle class.

Ken Whiteley


Barr wrong on law

Rep. Andy Barr has again used scare tactics instead of facts. He said the Affordable Care Act "will continue to destroy jobs, hurt medical innovation, take away choices and drive up costs."

Give me specific examples of companies that have laid off or fired employees based on Obamacare. Under Obamacare, health-care insurance premiums have risen in the past two years at the rate they averaged each year from 1990 to 2008. If this means "driving up costs," please explain.

The ACA prevents denial of coverage or cancellation due to pre-existing conditions. And, although it has not achieved the goal of universal coverage, it is working toward that objective.

While I am in favor of tort reform, the impact of lawsuits only represents a fraction of health-care costs. A tax deduction would be nice, but spell out specifics. Remember, the less money the government takes in, the higher the deficit.

Robert Hoeller


Logan for at-large

Chris Logan is a native of Lexington. It is in this community that he has grown to be a devout Christian and dedicated family man.

His roots run deep through the city and the citizens of Lexington are at the heart of all his work. I am proud to support Chris Logan in his campaign for council at-large. I encourage everyone to vote for him on May 20.

Omer Puckett


Vote Ellinger

I have known Chuck Ellinger for many years. I am impressed with the energy and high level of business skills, integrity and involvement he brings each day. I am equally impressed with the professionalism he has as chair of the budget and finance committee.

Ellinger is the type we need on the Urban County Council. Vote for him May 20.

Lloyd Marnitz


Gibbs for 3rd District

My first introduction to Jake Gibbs was in a European history class at the Bluegrass Community College. I was immediately impressed with not only his knowledge on the subject but how engaging he made it as well.

Over time, we would become friends and I was always welcome to swing by his office for help or just to talk about books and life.

Gibbs has been a substantial influence on me both personally and academically through his leadership skills, knowledge and his ability to listen as well as understand.

As a city council member, I know he will bring passion and authority to a district that does have issues to address but is also still brimming with yet-unfulfilled potential.

Joseph Gabbard


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