Unendorsed candidates respond: May 14

May 14, 2014 

Choose agent of change

From veterans treatment court to elimination of an unnecessary constitutional office to regional connectivity, I offer a vision of progressive change for our metropolis.

When no one else was envisioning Fayette County as a destination, I initiated the effort to give fallen veterans a chance to reclaim their dignity.

In 2010, voters issued a mandate, choosing me as judge-executive over a 30-year incumbent, with more votes and by a greater margin than our mayor.

Today I remain absolutely convinced the council and mayor should take over all fiscal court duties. The four unsuccessful bills I lobbied to pass should now be measured against Jesse Crenshaw's unfortunate failure to secure passage of his constitutional bill, even in the last of his 18 years as state representative.

With the shared advocacy of one judge-executive candidate, we have adopted a new tack: harnessing Lexington's considerable lobbying power in support of our stubborn quest.

After enjoying my association with officials in surrounding counties, I find hope in restructuring governments toward an inevitable regional assembly: incorporating plans for controlling sprawl, redesigning traffic flow, preserving our beautiful agricultural heritage and producing a more vibrant industrial future — with the promise of more competitive jobs, education and culture.

Past is prologue. As your first full-time public defender and former chair of the human rights and environmental commissions, I am unalterably dedicated to my professional lifework on behalf of drug and alcohol addicts, the mentally ill, immigrants and ex-convicts, and for the young who will inherit our land.

Jon Larson

Candidate, Council at-large

Ready to work for you

I appreciate the opportunity to respond as an unendorsed candidate, especially given the fact I was never contacted or interviewed by the Herald-Leader for this race. How can such endorsements even be credible when not all candidates are invited to participate?

Regardless, the endorsement of voters is the one I am most interested in receiving.

My parents moved to Lexington hoping to find a better opportunity to provide for our growing family. My father found employment at IBM and later retired from Lexmark. I grew up here, attended school here, graduated college here, and started businesses here. Now, I pastor a church and my wife and I are raising our family here.

I understand the problems and challenges of Lexington. More importantly, I realize the opportunities and potential of this great city.

I will work hard to keep our families safe, provide a more efficient and responsive government, support local companies, and attract new businesses to Lexington. I will fight for fiscal responsibility and focus on smart, sustainable growth.

If you feel local government could and should do better, are tired of spending money we don't have for things we don't need, and think that public safety should be our first priority, then I ask for you to vote Chris Logan for Council at-large when you head to the polls on May 20.

My team and I have knocked on over 10,000 doors to hear what you think is best for Lexington. I've listened to you and now I am ready to work for you.

Chris Logan

Candidate, Council at-large

Choose better leadership

Historically, the Lexington Leader (Herald's afternoon version) advocated sending Muhammad Ali and me to Russia with one-way tickets.

My similar disgust now occurs with your selecting four rubber-stamping, "yes men" of differing special interests.

Steve Kay wrote an incredible op-ed years ago against big spending in elections, yet spent over $78,000 becoming today's incumbent. Hypocritical?

Kevin Stinnett refused to help stop Kentucky American's treatment plant and unnecessary pipeline. Thus customers' horrendous rate increases.

Two other endorsees have similar council histories, while not challenging much waste and abuse of power.

LFUCG employees frequently speak openly with me of theft, mismanagement, stupid projects, intimidation and more. One shared, "Ten million dollars recently found? Find the deferred-needs lists for repairs and equipment all throughout LFUCG government."

I would serve the entire city far better.

With significant needs all over Lexington — stream recovery, security, restoration of many city-owned structures, safety and preservation of our scenic beauty — we need better leadership.

Early on, I alone opposed the destruction of indebted civic center and incredible waste on Rupp. I say instead place solar panels on the roofs and add convention space.

Words why Don Pratt for Council at Large: activist, questioning what's wrong, advocating what's right, honest, unpretentious, insightful, courageous convictions, humorous, open, loving, wise, independent, best candidate ever, listener, learner, committed, thrifty, problem solver, wanting change, responsible, creative, witty, friendly, not phony, energetic, fiscally responsible, not beholden, humble yet human being.

Lexington leadership needs to become a state example, not an embarrassment.

Don Pratt

Candidate, Council at-large

Qualified newcomer

Despite the editorial board selecting Ray DeBolt as the only potential newcomer to council, there are several among the seven who have never served on council who certainly have the potential, and, in my opinion, would be effective as members at-large.

There are six candidates who will advance from the 13-candidate field. The editorial board had endorsed only five — four who have served on council and one who the board states is the "only potential newcomer."

Elect someone who has never served on council and who may have a different perspective on issues — a keen insight — that current council members have not considered.

A newcomer may think out of the box and be able to bring to council alternative solutions to existing problems. Having a newcomer may be just what the Urban Council needs. There's a reason for having term limits.

Constituents, I am one of the seven who has not had the opportunity to serve as a council member. However, I am qualified, have the passion to serve the Urban Council, and committed in giving 100 percent of my time serving you.

I worked in government on state and local levels. I worked for the Commonwealth of Kentucky as revenue auditor for the Department of Revenue and internal auditor for the Department of Parks.

Moreover, I have worked as revenue supervisor in the Department of Revenue for Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government.

With my auditing experience, I would maximize revenue without increasing taxes and eliminate wasteful spending. Vote No. 13.

Connie Kell

Candidate, Council at-large

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