Letters to the editor/election; May 15

May 15, 2014 

Pratt for at-large

Don Pratt, with strong moral and ethical convictions, doesn't represent financial interests.

Dedicated to improving lives of foster children by fostering 65 in the past 28 years, adopting two, he is still collecting and distributing luggage throughout the state for kids moving. The children don't have to pack their possessions in garbage bags.

Pratt listens, learns, then acts, while wanting government accessibility and accountability — no hidden decisions. No back-room deals. No waste.

Pratt actively fought Kentucky American's pipeline and treatment plant in Owen Co, now the primary reason for colossal rate hikes.

He is vehemently opposing the $346 million Rupp Arena/Convention Center (not the highest priority for Lexington) remodeling, destruction and waste from the beginning. He will focus on improving all the waterways in Lexington, not just Town Branch. He is in line with taxpayers.

No more rubber-stampers. Elect Don Pratt.

Sheri Trail


Stinnett for at-large

Kevin Stinnett is without a doubt the class of the field running for the Urban County Council at-large.

As 6th District council representative for the past 10 years, he has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and vision as an advocate for neighborhoods, new parks and recreational facilities, public safety and road improvements.

His strong financial background has helped make local government more efficient and accountable. He is, in fact, the only at-large candidate to have chaired the council's budget committee. His knowledge and understanding of the issues and thoughtful consideration of how those issues impact our community have earned the respect of everyone with whom he works.

We need more leaders like Kevin Stinnett in local government. He will get my vote for Urban County Council at-large.

Doug Alexander


Moloney for at-large

Along with many of my Meadowthorpe neighbors, I am supporting Richard Moloney for council at-large.

I've known him for more than 30 years, both as a good friend and more importantly as my 11th district council member prior to Meadowthorpe's annexation into the 2nd District.

Even though Moloney was no longer Meadowthorpe's council representative, he remained a loyal supporter of our neighborhood during his remaining years on council.

His years of honorable service and dedication to the residents in both districts should not be forgotten in this important at-large council race.

Although party politics runs rampant in many local nonpartisan races, a vote for Richard Moloney is a vote for a good and decent man whose history is not one of partisan politics but one of service to all the people of Lexington.

Shirley Young


Hawkins in 6th

As the president of the Hamburg Homeowners Association, Darren Hawkins has dedicated his time and efforts to provide a positive impact upon our community.

Hawkins has secured several grants for both the community and Liberty Park, ranging from tree plantings and rain gardens to raising the fence height for additional safety and security at our neighborhood pool.

He has also worked with the residents of Hamburg, along with city traffic and engineering, to have stoplights installed on Star Shoot Parkway, a major thoroughfare for speeding motorists. This effort has slowed traffic to a safe speed in our busy area and in a school zone.

He has successfully worked to eliminate wasteful spending which, in turn, has allowed for a reduction in our annual dues.

Darren Hawkins is the type of person we need for representation of the 6th District on the Urban County Council. Please vote for Hawkins on May 20.

Mike Henschel


Ellinger in 3rd District

Chuck Ellinger has been a good and faithful public servant on the Urban County Council, including three terms as council member at-large.

That service has been performed with competence and dedication. I am confident he will give to the 3rd District the same dedication of time and talent.

Ellinger has demonstrated qualities essential to effective and insightful administration of Urban County Government. These qualities are sorely needed at this point in Lexington-Fayette County growth and development and the resolution of the many difficult issues it faces.

Further, he has shown himself to be a team player, a must for successful achievement. For example, he currently serves as chair of the council's Budget and Finance Committee, which shows not only his ability but also the respect his colleagues have for him.

Your vote for Chuck Ellinger is a vote for good government and dedicated service.

David I. Carter


Spirito for state rep

I am writing in support of Lavinia Spirito for state representative for the 76th District in the upcoming May 20 election.

I have known her for many years. She is a wife, mother, attorney, businesswoman and teaching leader and founder of the internationally respected Catholic Way Bible Study.

Spirito has the depth of experience, intellect, ethics and commitment to service that is sorely needed in our public servants.

She is not a career politician but an individual who wants to participate in our democratic process for the benefit of its citizens.

She believes that government and it's representatives should fight for and reflect the highest moral standards, and I urge you to cast your vote in support of her candidacy.

Doug Neuman


Mers for constable

I want to express my support for Josh Mers in the Democratic primary for Fayette County Constable in District 1. He is a wonderful, bright and energetic professional who understands the importance of serving the community and not himself.

I support his view on limiting the constable's law enforcement role and focus on serving the people of Lexington by using his business background.

Mers is a lifelong Democrat, unlike his opponent who changed his registration to run in this primary. There is only one choice for constable in District 1, and I am proud to say it is Josh Mers.

Stephanie M. Oghia


Larson will serve all

I have known and served on boards, commissions and committees with Jon Larson for over 25 years. I have never met a more compassionate person.

He constantly works for the downtrodden. When he senses something unjust, he endeavors to resolve the situation. He doesn't owe his allegiance to any particular group, as many do.

He is perfect for a council at-large position as he will represent a kaleidoscope of Lexington. His background, intelligence and craving for justice will serve us all well.

Jeanne Tighe


Hawkins top-notch

Lexington friends, if you live in the 6th District, I ask that you please consider voting for Darren Hawkins for city council in the Tuesday primary election.

He is a top-notch guy, a hard worker, very intelligent, and would be a great advocate for our district. I've known Hawkins for many years and can't think of anyone else I'd want to have representing my interests.

He has shown his work ethic and ability to get things done as president of the Hamburg Homeowner's Association. I know the traits he exuded as president of the HOA will carry over as our representative on city council.

Please remember to vote Darren Hawkins. And for more information, visit www.hawkinsforcouncil.com

Mark D. Rucker


Haskins for 77th

I encourage the citizens of the 77th Legislative District to vote for Michael Haskins on May 20 for state representative.

As a retired teacher, I know the value of education. Haskins has made a commitment to work for quality public education for our children, jobs for working families and support of improved wages for our citizens. Please vote for Michael Haskins on Tuesday.

Gayle Greer


Kay misleads

After the Herald-Leader editorial board endorsed five of 13 candidates for the May 20 council at-large primary, candidate Steve Kay (via his campaign website) claimed he was the "top spot," even though the endorsements were in no specific order.

From Kayforcouncil.com: "On May 7, 2014, The Lexington Herald Leader Editorial Board honored Steve's work on council by assigning him the top spot in Council-at-large endorsements."

Kay took a general endorsement and twisted into a "me first" endorsement and violated the public's trust of such a fine newspaper.

Philip Johnson


Support for White

I encourage all of my friends and former colleagues to vote for Alayne White for Fayette County judge-executive.

Charles (Chuck) Powell


In the upcoming primary election, I urge Fayette County Democrats to join with me and vote for Alayne White as our nominee for county judge-executive.

White has the education and the community experience to handle the position and serve our county with distinction.

Don Blevins Sr.


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