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Letters/unendorsed candidates respond: May 15

May 15, 2014 

Fix our 'too-big-to-fail' system

I have important policy differences with Alison Grimes, your May 11 endorsement description to the contrary. I invite your readers to scan the Herald-Leader's Voter Guide and read the KFTC Voters Guide at http://kentuckyelection.org/. Here are but two examples of such policy differences.

Grimes tours the commonwealth promoting a jobs plan that she can't explain, according to your political reporter. We first need a Prevent Job Destruction Plan that reins in a financial system that destroyed millions of jobs in the great recession.

I advocate bringing back Glass Steagall, using antitrust to break up the "too big to fail" banks, and restoring full funding to the Securities and Exchange Commission and other financial regulatory agencies. Regulators must enforce our laws.

Our most fundamental problem, however, is that our representatives no longer represent "We the People." Senators spend 20-plus hours a week begging out-of-state strangers for money.

These contributors expect party-line votes and they get them. This polarizes Congress, undermines compromise and creates gridlock. A gridlocked legislature creates a vacuum that presidential power inevitably fills. This unbalances our system and threatens our liberty. This is a systemic problem.

We need to elect representatives who understand the problem and are committed to fixing it. Grimes is enmeshed in the campaign-finance system. It seems unlikely that she will be dedicated to overhauling it. I understand the problem. I will diligently work to negotiate solutions that fix it.

Greg Leichty

Democratic candidate, U.S. Senate

Choose a mother who fights back

Republicans across the state of Kentucky will dig this country's grave or will help to set it free. I pray that Kentucky Republicans will realize that a man will not win against the Democratic woman, Alison Grimes.

How do I know? Because, I'm the woman they're scared of, the woman whose daughter they tried to kidnap, to keep me from running for the U.S. Senate.

After I announced I was going to run, they sent armed child protective services to our home, and threatened, "Do you really want me to take your daughter away five days before Christmas?"

I told them that they were violating our constitutional rights. They yelled, "You care more about your constitutional rights than your daughter."

I never waived my rights, but they came in, found nothing, then tried to falsify evidence, I caught them and made them correct the paperwork.

On Jan. 28, around 3:15 p.m., I officially filed for the U.S. Senate and about one hour later, a frantic worker called me wanting to close my case; it was unsubstantiated.

The Democrats high up are using the IRS and the protective service to target political rivals. You see Grimes may be a woman, but she is not a mother.

I am a mother and I am fighting back by running for the Senate. I need your vote May 20. Next time they could come after your child or your grandchild, help me protect all our families and all our children, please.

Shawna Sterling

Republican candidate, U.S. Senate

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