Letters to editor/election: May 16

May 16, 2014 

McConnell discovers E. Ky.

Wow. Mitch McConnell has evidently found out the big secret. There is a "War on Coal" and he has enlisted Eastern Kentucky to help fight it. The question is "Where have you been?" Where have you been for the last six years when coal workers have been left struggling to find work? Where were you when permits were left on a desk waiting for approval? Where were you when businesses were closing and people were having to scatter to find work to support their families?

We haven't seen or heard from you until you became worried you might lose your seat in Washington. As usual we hear from you about our issues when you need our votes every six years. Too little and much too late this time.

Denise Combs


Bevin inflates bio

As a genuine graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I am appalled that candidate Matt Bevin would claim to have been educated at that world-renowned school, but that is exactly what he did in a public statement of professional qualifications.

While his supporters quibble about what constitutes a resumé, it is abundantly clear that he never attended any actual MIT classes, much less actually graduated as might be inferred from his entry on LinkedIn, "the world's largest professional network."

On the other hand, Sen. Mitch McConnell is exactly whom he claims to be and is more than worthy of another term in the U.S. Senate.

I urge all Kentucky Republicans to vote for McConnell in this primary election. He will continue to serve the commonwealth well.

Tom Griswold


Gibbs for 3rd District

Jake Gibbs will be an outstanding 3rd District council representative. As someone who served in this position, I know what it takes to do the job well.

Gibbs has deep roots in the district and understands the challenges and potential of this unique and varied district. He is concerned about its historic neighborhoods. He is compassionate and will work for affordable housing and help for our homeless population in ways that will save taxpayers money and produce positive outcomes.

Gibbs will serve the entire community with tenacity and determination.

One of his opponents, Chuck Ellinger, has served as an at-large council member for almost 12 years and is term limited from running at-large again. It is time for a change, not more of the same.

Gibbs is that change. He brings new ideas and perspectives toward making Lexington a great American city. Please join me and vote for Gibbs.

Debra A. Hensley


Moody truly listens

I encourage my fellow community members to vote for Jerry Moody for council at-large. Moody has a lifetime of engagement in politics and social action, a heart for public service and a dedication to this community. He is devoted to leaving the world better than he found it, and he has the optimism and drive to make that happen.

Moody has great ideas about neighborhood assemblies and creating opportunities for local start-ups. He is passionate about caring for the least of these, and he truly listens to people. He works well with everyone because he has the knack for finding common ground between people in order to move forward. That is a trait sorely lacking outside the usual cronyism and deal-making.

I hope you consider voting for a working-class guy with the enterprise, intelligence and passion to make a positive change.

Vote Moody.

Karla Kunze


Mers for constable

Significant improvements could be made to the constable's office with technological advancements and increased accessibility for the community.

Democratic candidate Josh Mers would be the one to lead this. His outgoing personality paired with his long-standing desire to work for the betterment of the community will be key to making this office useful to the public.

It will take hard work to develop a website from scratch and to get the public to realize the office even exists, but he's ready to hit the ground running. His enthusiasm is unparalleled by any other candidate.

He will work tirelessly for Lexington, and he will do so fairly and honestly. Mers is a man who everyone can get behind because he's a friend to more than just special interest groups. He's a smart, loyal friend to the city and all of its citizens.

James Grant Wilson


Retire McConnell

Kentucky Republicans must ask themselves a series of questions. Sen. Mitch McConnell has exempted himself, his family and staff from Obamacare. What section of the Constitution does McConnell cite as his legal basis to exempt himself from Obamacare?

How effective has McConnell been in stopping President Barack Obama's tyranny? Kentucky Republicans must admit, McConnell has been rendered impotent in his battle against Obama. Words from McConnell won't stop Obama's tyranny. McConnell is a verbal conservative. He is all talk, no action and no results.

What do you call a football team with no offense? Losers. What do you call a football team with no defense? Losers. What do you call the football team that has no defense and no offense? The Kentucky Republican Party under Coach Mitch McConnell.

It is time to retire our losing coach.

Jim Evans


White for judge-exec

We're writing in support of Alayne White for Fayette County judge-executive.

White has long served the community in both professional and volunteer activities. She has shown a level of commitment and expertise which have prepared her well for this little-known but important position.

White has the rare ability to bring together people with divergent views, help them find common ground and, eventually, agreement. As an administrator, she shows energy and efficiency in getting the job done. Her years of valuable service to this community have shown White to be well suited to the job of county judge-executive. On primary Election Day, May 20, we hope you'll join us in supporting White.

Gerald Smith

>Susan Hammond


Larson at-large

Jon Larson is one of the best and brightest and should be elected to the Urban County Council at-large. Larson has been a longtime friend. He is a great lawyer and a great judge-executive. I urge you to vote for Larson on May 20.

Ronald T. Winkler


Jensen for Congress

Central Kentucky and all of Kentucky deserve a representative who will fight for working families and be a voice for our communities' values.

Elisabeth Jensen knows what small business owners deal with in getting good pay for their employees and providing benefits for them

Her opponent, Andy Barr, has voted 19 times to cancel insurance policies of 300,000 Kentuckians, while taking contributions from the insurance industry.

Barr puts special interests ahead of middle-class families and the women who support them, as he agrees with Mitch McConnell that women don't need equal pay for equal work. This is just another reason we need a woman in Congress.

Jensen will work to strengthen education for every child, make college afforable and keep our promises to America's seniors. Don't let your opportunity to make a difference pass you by. Voter for Jensen on Tuesday.

Emma McFarland


Haskins hard worker

Michael Haskins is an intelligent, hardworking person who is a symbol of what the future can be: A quality education for our children, jobs and a chance of earning a living wage for working families.

Haskins knows the value of these things in a world where having opportunities can make a significant difference in the lives of our families.

Haskins is approachable; he listens well. Haskins has made a concerted effort throughout his life to succeed in his goals. He will work just as hard for the people of the 77th Legislative District. Please vote for Haskins for state representative on Tuesday.

Flora Mitchell


Gibbs logical choice

As Jake Gibbs' former student, I can wholeheartedly say he is an exceptional candidate for the Urban County Council.

During my undergraduate experience at the University of Kentucky, I found myself in a challenging logic class and didn't think twice about asking our family friend, Gibbs, to help me understand the material.

Without hesitation, he agreed to be my tutor. Throughout the semester, he generously offered his time to help me through the course. I will always remember his kindness and patience as we worked together on logic problems. Just as he was committed to helping me succeed, Gibbs will bring dedication, hard work and passion to the council.

He is the rare person who gives from the heart, without asking for anything in return. I was lucky enough to have him as a tutor; Lexington would be lucky to have him as a leader.

Meredith Swim


Spirito for 76th

I have known Lavinia Spirito for over 25 years and am honored to endorse her in the primary race for the 76th District of the House of Representative.

As a lawyer serving in family court for decades, she is aware of the many important issues affecting our community. This experience, coupled with her tireless energy, will ensure her continuing effectiveness advocating for families and children.

She is also the best choice to represent our distinctive signature horse industry in the legislature. She is a strong conservative, both socially and fiscally.

As a small business owner, she understands the struggle with excessive taxation and regulations and can help formulate positive solutions helping the economy and improving job growth.

Finally, Spirito is the better candidate to defeat an incumbent career politician with very little to show after 24 years in the legislature. Please vote for her on Tuesday.

Ralph Martino


White knows Fayette

I am pleased to learn that Alayne White is running for Fayette County judge-executive. She has been involved in the community for many years as a strong public servant, both professionally and as a volunteer.

She is accustomed to working with a diverse group of people to develop and reach their goals. She understands the needs of Fayette County and the resources available to make this a great place to live.

Betty Gabehart


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