Letters to the editor: May 17

May 17, 2014 

Moloney earns praise

Richard Moloney served us, residents of the 11th District, as our councilman for several terms. The 11th District has benefited from his strong leadership, experience and knowledge of many aspects of our city's government. Now we need his skills, dedication and know-how for all of Lexington.

Moloney has worked to solve our stormwater problems and upgrade our parks, streets, roads, bridges and housing, as well as address town-gown issues and ensure citizen representation on the Blue Grass Airport board.

We, in the 11th District, found that Moloney, a lifetime resident of Lexington, personally responded to every request, attended our meetings, listened and gave us feedback and follow-up. His performance as every resident's councilman has resulted in his overwhelming support in the district. Moloney has the experience and the vigor to stand up for all in Lexington, as he has for our district. We need his quiet and strong leadership.

Margaret M. Long


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Ellinger for council

I am proud to recommend Chuck Ellinger to the voters of the council's 3rd District. Our family has known Ellinger for many years. He stands for the ideals that we all want in local government. He is honest, experienced, energetic and a dedicated public servant. His exemplary attendance record illustrates his total dedication to the taxpayers of Lexington.

His voting record as a council member at-large shows his strong support of basic services and that he is an advocate for the neighborhoods.

I urge all voters of the 3rd District to vote for Ellinger on May 20.

Jay T. Rider


White, that's it

If you are looking for honesty, a hard worker, intelligence, a quick learner, good government, there is only one candidate for the office of Fayette County judge-executive, and that person is Alayne White. Enough said.

Pittman L. Fisher


Larson cares for vets

We want to commend Jon Larson for his efforts which led to the establishment of the Fayette County Veterans Treatment Court. Years ago, when no one else had the vision to inquire about veterans' courts — which were being planned in Jefferson County and in other states — Larson promoted our city and county courts as destinations.

Today the program, which gives certain veterans a second chance to reclaim their dignity and reinvest themselves in our community, is a success.

We admire Judge-Executive Larson's initiative and wish to encourage all citizens who care about veterans to consider voting for him for council at-large. He is the only candidate in this race who is a veteran.

Eugene Young and Steve Brown

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That's rich, Mitch

Anyone with a lick of sense knows there's been a war on coal only in the sense that there was a war on buggy whips and slide rules. But, if Sen. Mitch McConnell has been fighting for coal for 30 years, as his ads say, he's been doing a poor job. When McConnell first got elected, Kentucky had some 40,000 coal-mining jobs. At latest count there are around 12,000. It's hard to point to a 70 percent reduction and brag about your wonderful defense of coal jobs.

McConnell has done a bang-up job at one thing: making himself rich. In the early 1980s his declared net worth was less than $1 million. His latest financial disclosure puts it at some $30 million. Nice return on a senator's salary.

When McConnell says he's "fighting for you," remember he is simply out to enrich his own family coffers; everything else is window dressing.

Jim Porter


Gibbs knows district

The 3rd District has the opportunity to elect Jake Gibbs as our council member. I have lived near campus and downtown for almost 20 years and have known Gibbs for over 30. I know how he appreciates the 3rd, its history, strengths and potential as a uniquely vibrant, walkable urban environment.

I appreciate that he knows that the district's sustainability and revitalization require vigilance and problem-solving. Gibbs will not sit idly, attending to business as usual. Downtown revitalization and the deep-rooted problems of the near-campus neighborhoods — negligent landlords, ineffective code-enforcement, outdated zoning and town-gown relations — require the diligence and careful attention that Gibbs will provide. He will build on the district's inherent strengths while proactively addressing its weaknesses.

In like manner, Gibbs will respond to countywide issues of affordable housing and the homeless, sustainability and walkability that will make Lexington a better place. I urge the 3rd to vote Gibbs.

Greg Guenthner


White dedicated

I am a proud supporter of Alayne White for the Democratic nomination for county judge-executive. For several years now, I've had the pleasure to work alongside White through our involvement with the Fayette County Democratic Party and I am happy to list White as both a mentor and a friend.

White has an unparalleled commitment to our community and I am certain she will conduct the duties of this office with the thoughtful consideration and dedication I have seen her demonstrate time and time again. In White we can be assured that the appointment powers of our judge-executive will be best vested to an individual who values fairness and inclusion, who is forward thinking and a leader who will put the needs of our whole community above all else.

I encourage fellow Democrats to join me and vote for White for judge-executive on May 20.

Clint Morris


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