Herald-Leader May 20 primary election endorsements

May 18, 2014 

May 20 primary endorsements

Federal offices

U.S. Senate (R): Mitch McConnell*

U.S. Senate (D): Alison Lundergan Grimes

U.S. Rep. 6th District (D): Elisabeth Jensen

State offices

House 76th District (R): Richard Marrs

House 77th District (D): George Brown Jr.

Lexington offices

(Recommended to appear on fall ballot)

Mayor: Anthany Beatty, Jim Gray*

Council-at-large: Bill Cegelka, Ray DeBolt, Steve Kay*, Richard Moloney, Kevin Stinnett

Council District 2: Shevawn Akers*, Michael Stuart

Council District 3: Chuck Ellinger, Jake Gibbs

Council District 4: Julian Beard*, Susan Lamb

Council District 6: Angela Evans, Darren Hawkins

Council Distict 8: LeTonia A, Jones, Dave Vinson


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