Divers search Elkhorn Creek after receiving tip about 2010 murder

gkocher1@herald-leader.comJune 2, 2014 

Divers and investigators searched a portion of Elkhorn Creek in Scott County on Monday after receiving a tip about evidence related to the 2010 slaying of Sue Jones, Kentucky State Police said.

Nothing was found during the five-hour search near Great Crossing Park, a public park west of Georgetown, Trooper Kendra Wilson, spokeswoman for the state police post in Frankfort, said.

Wilson said she could not reveal what additional evidence was being sought. Three divers with the Lexington Fire Department assisted in the search, said Joe Best, public information officer for the fire department.

Wilson confirmed that state police had received more specific information about the location of evidence.

"We have actually searched that area before, but we received some additional information and a more detailed description of location," Wilson said. "We have no plans of going back out there, but if we have any further developments, we will go back out. We investigate every tip that we get."

In February, a Scott County grand jury indicted two people in the burglary and slaying of Jones.

Nicholas Willinger, 30, was indicted on charges of murder, first-degree robbery and first-degree burglary.

Ciji L. Jefferson, 28, of Sadie ville was indicted on a charge of complicity to second-degree burglary. She was arrested in Florida.

Jones, a former Scott County bus driver, was found dead in her house near Sadie ville on Feb. 4, 2010. The county coroner found that she died of blunt-force trauma to the head.

Willinger's indictment said he broke into Jones' home, robbed and injured her. The indictment also said Willinger "intentionally caused" Jones' death "by striking her in the head with a blunt object."

Asked if investigators were looking for that blunt object, Wilson said, "I can't discuss what they were looking for. I say that because whatever by which she was murdered, I don't think that was ever disclosed."

Jefferson's indictment said she told Willinger that Jones had a large amount of money at her home and wouldn't be home on that date.

The indictment also said Jefferson accompanied Willinger to Jones' house and, "intending to share in the proceeds of the burglary, waited outside the residence in a vehicle" while Willinger went in the house.

Wilson said she had no information on the source of the latest tip.

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