Rabid bat found near Henry Clay Boulevard in Lexington

mmeehan1@herald-leader.comJune 12, 2014 

A rabid bat has been found in a home near Henry Clay Boulevard and Carolyn Drive in Lexington, and the health department is urging residents to keep a close eye on their pets.

It is possible — but rare — that a rabid bat could bite a human, said Kevin Hall, spokesman for the Lexington Fayette-County Health Department. Pets can be more at risk, he said.

The health department posted signs in the affected area Thursday to notify residents of the discovery.

If a bat, a nocturnal animal, is spotted during the day, he said, it is probably rabid. People and pets should stay clear.

If a live bat gets trapped in your house, Hall said, wear heavy gloves and cover your skin as you try to shoo it out.

If you discover a dead bat, contact the health department at (859) 231-9791.

Hall said residents should be sure that their animals have current rabies vaccines.

Early symptoms of rabies include a change in behavior, chewing at a bite site, fever and loss of appetite.

Rabid bats are rare, he said, but several years ago, a handful were discovered over a few months in Lexington. "It was the summer of the rabid bat," he said.

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