Letters to the Editor, June 13

June 13, 2014 

ACA decreases bills; Obama knows better

It has recently come to my attention that there are some people in Kentucky who do not know that kynect, Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act and Kentucky Health Cooperative are all one and the same.

When will the Republicans educate their minions of the facts and bring them out of the dark ages?

I have an immune system disorder and osteoporosis. Both diseases are terribly expensive to treat.

For over 30 years, I was covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, a grandfathered-in plan from a federal government job I had in the 1970s.

It was good and it covered most of my costs, but at an awful expense every month of $1,900 for an individual policy. I had to pay it because I couldn't afford to cancel it.

In January, I easily switched to Kentucky Health Cooperative, with the help of a very competent agent. I now have better coverage with less co-pays and I pay $650 a month for an individual policy.

Don't ever tell me President Barack Obama doesn't know what he's talking about. He cares for Kentuckians and our country, unlike the Republicans.

Marcellè B. Riddell


'Game-changer' fable

The fable of The Emperor's New Clothes is the best analogy to the current Rupp Arena farce.

University of Kentucky president Eli Capiluto, in his recent letter to the Lexington Center Corp. exposed the reality of the situation.

All of the other leaders, including the governor, are caught up in the notion that spending $175 million to improve an existing and functioning facility will be a "game changer" for Lexington.

Similar to characters in the fable of Hans Christian Andersen, none of the leaders want to appear ignorant or unfit for their positions by questioning our mayor's assertion.

Mayor Jim Gray needs to explain what game he believes will change by spending public money on a downtown plan. Putting a pretty new skin on the arena will not entice the University of Kentucky to play more home games downtown.

An improved arena will not enable this region to economically support more concerts or circuses. The average Lexingtonian will not be affected by hosting a few more conventions.

Downtown is a bright spot in the Lexington economy that doesn't appear to need a major stimulus.

Chair backs in the upper arena and better audio visual devices in the arena are needed.

Let's prioritize and use our limited resources to address our more pressing concerns that exist throughout Lexington and Fayette County, such as homelessness, jobs, preschool and infrastructure.

John S. Talbott


Theft by robo-callers

The telephone in my home was bought and paid for by me, and I alone have the privilege of using it. Robo-callers do not.

Using my telephone to transmit sales pitches or bids for a vote is no different than if you decided to enter my garage without my permission and take my vehicle for a spin.

As far as I am concerned, using robo-calls to solicit either a sale or a vote from me is tantamount to theft by deception.

I can assure you that whatever you are selling or for whom you are stumping, robo-calls will never result in a sale or a vote from me.

In fact, it will produce the exact opposite effect — no vote, no sale. The National Do Not Call list is a joke. I'm telling you directly, get off my phone.

Marjorie F. Farris


Change the definition

The definition of the following words include some of the listed characteristics.

Honor: Good name, reputation, privilege, outward respect, person of superior standing, one who brings respect, evidence or symbol of distinction.

Integrity: Adherence to a code of values, incorruptibility, soundness and completeness.

Honesty: Free from deception, truthful, genuine, real, reputable, creditable and with all sincerity.

Revere: Honor and respect, respect tinged with awe, regarded as worthy or great, admiration, deserving honor, reputable, esteem, reverenced, distinguished, worthy, good, moral, noble and righteous.

When talking about the nation's leaders the following words come to mind: Corruption, lies, deceit, cover-ups, manipulation, turned their backs on middle-class America, catering to big business or those with big campaign contributions and squandering the trust that citizens placed in them.

Congress' approval rating in 2013 was 14 percent and the president's approval rating was 42 percent. It's time that we all realize that our government isn't the solution, it's the problem.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we citizens of the United States of America could revere our leaders in Washington?

The middle-class masses are complacent, apathetic, spoiled, too trusting, naïve, non-vigilant, pushovers, fools, misguided, manipulated, distracted, divided, easily conquered and soon to be extinct.

David Riggs


Fake friend of coal

Sen. Mitch McConnell is like Don Quixote: charging against the Environmental Protection Agency windmills, promising new coal mines.

The problem is that he has been in office for over 30 years and coal jobs have dropped to a record low.

Whereas the EPA has hurt the industry, the main reason for coal's decline is not it, but rather coal losing to natural gas. Power companies have been switching to gas to replace coal over the past decade.

Guess who gets money from the oil and gas industry? Who had his face plastered on flyers during the aggressive campaign to run the Bluegrass pipeline through Kentucky?

Who favors fracking, which has increased the availability of natural gas? It's coal's good friend: McConnell.

So he is saying he is going to defend coal's honor, while taking money from coal's main competitor. With friends like McConnell, no wonder coal miners can't find work.

Mercer Vandenburg


CO² is not to blame

Blaming carbon dioxide, CO², for global warming is a gigantic hoax perpetrated by left-wing academic types whose sole purpose is to see our country brought to its knees.

Note: I said global warming and not climate change. The academic genius who changed the debate from global warming to climate change should get the Nobel Prize for obfuscation.

Our planet has undergone drastic changes in climate many times over, since time immemorial. Rising seas now cover the land bridge that connected Siberia with Alaska.

Norsemen who saw Greenland 500 years before Christopher Columbus found lush vegetation. Now, it is a huge block of ice. Whatever natural forces that caused these changes had nothing to do with carbon dioxide.

Climate changes of this nature have occurred in the past and will occur in the future with or without carbon dioxide. For all I know, we may be just now emerging from the last ice age.

Our planet will undergo periods of warming, which we may now be witnessing, and revert back to an ice age. Climates change, that's what they do.

J. L. Lombardo


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