Letters to the Editor: June 19

June 19, 2014 

  • Correction

    A sentence in a Tuesday letter from Sharon McGuire of Lexington should have said: "Maybe UK Coach John Calipari and Mayor Jim Gray and their staffs would like to donate a portion of their large salaries to renovate Rupp."

$300 for fake Rupp ownership? No thank you

Thanks to President Eli Capilouto for establishing and defending priorities that are consistent with the mission of the University of Kentucky — high quality education, research and extension/outreach programs for citizens of the commonwealth.

Shame on those who may have cajoled and pressured Capilouto to divert funds and resources from education to the proposed Lexington convention center and a renovated Rupp Arena that would accommodate no more spectators than the present facility.

The proposal to have UK raise $35 million by collecting $300 each from 140,000 fans — a total of $42 million of which UK would be allowed to keep $7 million for education purposes — is beyond absurd.

Each contributor, however, would likely just receive a worthless piece of paper. What a deal.

Proponents of the scheme say it is based on Green Bay Packers fan support, which raised funds to renovate Lambeau Field where the Packers play.

The two situations are totally different. First, UK is a member of the SEC not the NFL or NBA. Second, the Packers is a cooperative business enterprise incorporated under Wisconsin law. Cooperative members, who number in tens of thousands, own the Packers.

They are fans, owners and spectators. This is far from anything condoned by the SEC and the NCAA.

Harold Love


VA care exceptional

I would like to thank the Herald-Leader for publishing articles regarding the care and treatment of veterans on the 70th anniversary of D-Day. However, I mainly want to echo the June 6 remarks of two letter writers expressing their gratitude to the Lexington Veterans Affairs hospitals.

I also received superior life-saving care during a two-month stay at Cooper Drive and a one-month stay on Leestown Road treating my Guillain-Barre syndrome, a serious neurological condition.

As a 30-year U.S. Air Force veteran, I have a lot of experience with military, civilian and veteran medical centers. I can certainly vouch for my treatment at these hospitals.

Thanks to the local medical facilities for their continued great care for veterans and all who need their attention.

My wish is that all medical centers and clinics would aspire to provide similar care to what I have received.

I also want to thank the University of Kentucky Infusion Center for their series of plasmapheresis treatments, five on one occasion and three some months later in conjunction with the VA neurological team on Cooper Drive.

Again, thanks for the reporting of issues regarding veterans' welfare and health.

Billy C. Sparks


Fight pancreatic cancer

While the five-year survival rate for cancer overall is 68 percent, the five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer remains bleak, at just 6 percent.

In fact, a recent Pancreatic Cancer Action Network study indicates pancreatic cancer will become the second-leading cause of cancer-related death by 2020.

Time is of the essence if we are going to keep this prediction from becoming a reality.

On June 17, advocates from Kentucky joined nearly 500 individuals from across the country on Capitol Hill for the eighth annual Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day to meet with their members of Congress and urge them to stomp on pancreatic cancer by stepping up federal research funding for the National Cancer Institute.

Please add your voice by contacting Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and Rep. Andy Barr. For more information, contact Lexington's community representative Laura Pentova at lpentova@pancanvolunteer.org.

Laura I. Pentova


Pancreatic Cancer Action Network


Totem-pole faces

Sen. Mitch McConnell is now going to save coal industry jobs. Where has he been the past 25 years? Please tell me anything he has done that did not feather his nest. I don't know Alison Grimes from a bucket of coal, but she's got to be better than what we have now.

I recently read that another law has been overturned by a federal judge, first in Utah now in Oklahoma, pertaining to same-sex marriage.

If a judge can make the laws and enforce them, then we wouldn't need the likes of McConnell.

McConnell has decided to promote the growing of hemp in Kentucky. Where was he when Gatewood Galbraith was trying to get it going again?

McConnell is against anything the Democratic Party is for, offering no solutions to anything. Bless his heart, he has more faces than a totem pole.

Raleigh Jenkins

West Liberty

Respect for veterans

Our nation just remembered the 70th anniversary of D-Day and honored the remaining veterans of World War II.

I was shocked to see photos of Sen. Mitch McConnell at the Louisville airport shaking hands with these veterans.

In February, McConnell blocked a bill which would provide over $20 billion for veterans health care programs.

McConnell also blocked a tax credit that encourages employers to hire veterans and another bill to provide in-state tuition rates for veterans.

In 2012, McConnell blocked a bill that would provide hiring assistance and job training for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Respecting our veterans as senator is not just showing up for a picture. It is supporting programs needed for the well-being of veterans. McConnell disrespected the veterans of Kentucky.

I suggest the senatorial debates be held at Veterans of Foreign Wars posts with questions asked by veterans.

Walter Frazier


Common Core farce

A June 11 article states that a number of state educators are throwing support behind the Common Core curriculum.

What is the reason for making this statement to the public?

I believe it's an attempt to change public opinion of Common Core. In fact, the public is rejecting this farce.

Why does the Democratic Party need a dumb and ignorant population? The answer is easy — to control every aspect of their lives and to promote socialism.

Americans will not let this happen once the truth comes out.

I have spent over a year looking into the curriculum and where it is headed. Parents need to inform themselves on this curriculum.

The more the general adult public with children going to school inform themselves about all the tricks behind Common Core, the more they will refuse to have their children's minds grabbed by the Socialist-Democratic political class.

Never forget we are free people to make our own way in life.

Thomas Eigel


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