Eric Wilson: Mutiny against political aristocracy will save nation

June 26, 2014 

Eric Wilson of Georgetown, former executive director of 9/12 Project, is co-founder of Brush Fire Forum and co-author of We Surround Them; Our Journey From Apathy to Action.

By Eric Wilson

The two-party system of American politics is already dead. No matter whose side you think is here to save you, one thing is certain — neither party is about ideology or principle but instead the maintaining of power.

Under the Democrats, government and influence will grow for social reengineering and redistribution. Under the Republicans, it will grow to promote global empires, be the social police and prop up corporations.

Regardless of which is in power, one set of people will be taking advantage of another set of people. The elections just determine which side is which.

A new nobility is running both sides of the debate, and — no matter who seems to win — we keep getting screwed. Judging from the talking heads, they are all stuck in this paradigm. Judging from the recent elections, so are the voters.

We no longer live in a representative republic but a democratic aristocracy, one ruled by the status quo with each of us as its willing servants. Our only hope against it stands in the form of the fading concept of independence.

We must get rid of career politicians like Sen. Harry Reid and Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel; but we also must purge our aristocracy of people like House Speaker John Boehner, and Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell.

We need to stop funding and supporting them and even begin actively working against them to take back our parties and country. This is not about a purist view of a candidate or party but about principles and liberty. Make no mistake, these people are working against citizens at any cost for power and control at every level.

For those that contend "we can't afford to lose the seat," it is naiveté to think we had the seat to begin with. The goal of politicians no longer is to serve but to rule. Their acquisition of power supersedes their desire to legislate. This is not a power to serve but a power to dictate and control.

The goal today is not to fix a problem but to fixate you on a problem. The media follows the same pattern — treating daily news like a campaign rather than anything that resembles journalism. What we are left with is the illusion of choice with one side pitted against the other.

You have been and continue to be played. We have had an energy crisis, an economic crisis, a housing crisis, a war on terror, a war on drugs, and the solution is always the same thing — government.

The truth is quite the opposite. I contend the problem is much deeper, and we are in a political crisis.

The defining characteristic of an aristocratic society is a collection of people who consider themselves limited, stuck or dependent.

The defining characteristic of an independent is an individual who puts aside party labels or limits and views himself as self-sufficient and capable.

The American Dream is not a government program or a guaranteed success. It is a state of mind, a choice to be better and work harder, and take the risks to succeed independently.

Still, we continue to look at others as the solution, look up to politicians as rock stars and celebrate getting ahead as being part of the system. We buy into believing the other side is evil without realizing our side is just as bad. We lay our trust and our future in the hands of the system and that one side can save us from the other.

Our children will live their lives based on the ramifications of our choices — either free or stuck in whatever level of aristocracy we pass on to them. While the messages of fear reverberate through the political spectrum, we must consider the unspoken costs to our liberties.

While to get ahead in aristocratic terms means to rise up within the system, the call of the independent must be to restore a system that is free. It is clear the era of aristocracy is upon us, unless a new generation of self-governing leaders and a truly independent party soon arise.

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Eric Wilson of Georgetown, former executive director of 9/12 Project, is co-founder of Brush Fire Forum and co-author of We Surround Them; Our Journey From Apathy to Action.

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