Man found shot near Georgetown Street refuses to cooperate with police

Herald-Leader Staff ReportJune 30, 2014 

A man was shot and wounded late Monday morning near a neighborhood market on Georgetown Street in Lexington.

However, police said later that they still weren't sure exactly what had happened.

Police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said the wounded man was "grazed" by bullets but was refusing to cooperate with investigating officers.

Police said just before noon that they were waiting to view surveillance footage from Shopper's Choice Market at Georgetown Street and Glen Arvin Avenue in hopes of learning more.

Roberts said information from the footage might not be available until Tuesday.

Officers marked off the positions of at least two shell casings and some apparent blood spatters in the Shopper's Choice parking lot.

An investigation began shortly after 11:15 a.m., when emergency units were sent to the 400 block of Lindberg Drive, about two blocks north of the market, to check on a report that a man had been shot.

A victim later was transported to a hospital with injuries that police described as not life-threatening.

By then, the parking lot and front entrance of Shopper's Choice Market were blocked off with police tape, and officers were investigating inside and outside the store.

Roberts said the shooting victim wasn't answering questions about how he was wounded. Police said he had wounds to the chin and backside.

"At this point we don't know if he was shot by another person or whether he shot himself," she said. "We don't know."

She said officers also were unsure whether the victim was shot at the store or elsewhere.

There was no indication of a robbery at Shopper's Choice Market, Roberts said.

A Lexington fire tanker truck arrived shortly before noon, and a firefighter washed off the parking lot with a fire hose.

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