Letters to the editor: July 1

July 1, 2014 

Wal-Mart not right fit for Versailles

We recently moved to Versailles from Lexington to enjoy our retirement in a small community that prides itself in supporting local businesses and creating many choices for retirees and families raising children.

The bucolic nature of the community would be jeopardized should Wal-Mart build in the location it is considering. As stated in the recent editorial, it should consider building in the current commercial strip. Other concerns we have regarding this corporate giant are:

■ Its Mexican bribery scandal has cost at least $230 billion through April 2012, according to the Arkansas Business News. The bribery was done to obtain favorable site approvals.

■ CNN Money reported in January that the company was recalling donkey meat in China after it was found to be contaminated with other animal products. CNN also stated that in 2013 "a series of scares damaged confidence in local powdered infant formula, causing a surge in demand for baby milk from Western countries."

■ Wal-Mart already has supercenters surrounding Lexington, which has three. They are in Lawrenceburg, Frankfort, Georgetown, Harrrodsburg, Nicholasville, Paris and Winchester. There is a good chance folks who live here might work in these towns, so it would not be out of their way to shop there.

■ The cry that Versailles has high unemployment is a red herring, as it ranks sixth in the commonwealth in terms of low unemployment.

Brian Tremain and Phil Dunn


Assessing Iraq

What if we had left Iraq alone? One has to ask oneself, what if former President George W. Bush hadn't violated international law with false information about weapons of mass destruction and invaded Iraq?

Would Iraq still be in the state that it has eroded to today?

The Iraq war and the hegemonic invasion of it by the United States had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.

Now, years later, hundreds of thousands are dead. There are war-torn American soldiers who are haunted by the havoc wrought in that theater.

With the continuing downward spiral of Middle East stability falling to huge Islamic jihad and terrorist organizations, one must ask: Was it worth it?

Was it worth all of the lives lost? This is the legacy left, an entire nation literally destroyed and overrun by evil. Bush and the right-wing war machine: Was it worth it?

Zach Atkins


Americans are first

This administration under President Barack Obama is still allowing undocumented people into our country, allowing them free health care, plus more freebies at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Yet our own veterans who fought for their country, including my late husband, are ignored. The simple reason for this, in my opinion, is simply votes for the Democratic Party. Ergo, no voter identification. I say fellow Americans, enough is enough. Americans come first. I said it before, Obama is not a leader. I lived with one, my late husband.

Susan Washburn


Dumbo Stumbo

In response to the June 4 article about Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo and carbon emissions standards, I would refute some of his arguments against them.

First, what manufacturing jobs was he referring to? Most of those jobs left long ago. Next, the high utility bills, which already go up and down at the whim of the utility companies. If you don't believe it, check with your local communities and look at the abhorrent number of people already asking for help with paying their bills.

Would Stumbo know or not know if other countries have found ways to clean up their coal that our coal companies refuse to do because it would diminish a small amount of their profit?

Lastly, if we have a "dumb-ass" policy on energy, would it be wrong to say that we have "dumb-ass" politicians who do not have the will or sense to confront the coal companies? Or is it that great big evil called money?

Travers S. Vance


Preserve UK history

Your help is needed, and it is not too late. The Wenner-Gren Research Laboratory at the University of Kentucky is an aesthetically pleasing and singularly distinctive building to preserve.

This work of a UK architect, the late Ernst Johnson, is internationally significant not just to the aeronautical world but to historians and people interested in World War II.

This is a tourist destination point, and it is appalling to think that anyone with any interest in education could disregard its importance.

Elaine Moore


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