Cars crashed, people clashed in fistfight at Lincoln County demolition derby

jwarren@herald-leader.comJuly 3, 2014 

People as well as cars collided Wednesday night during the demolition derby at the Lincoln County Fair.

Lincoln County Sheriff Curt Folger said a disagreement that apparently started over the car-wrecking competition escalated, and 10 to 15 people eventually joined a scuffle on the track.

Most of them were trying to break up the fight, Folger said.

"You had three or four people fighting, and then you had seven or eight others who rolled in there trying to stop it," he said.

At least two people were arrested and a teenager was cited after the dust cleared, the sheriff said. The adults probably would be charged with third-degree assault.

Folger said an investigation is continuing to determine exactly what happened. The altercation apparently began among some people who are related to each other, he said.

"Basically, the people who were fighting are cousins," he said. "There is still an investigation going on about what started the fight. But right now, we don't have all the information."

According to initial reports, a firefighter and a deputy sheriff were struck while trying to break up the fracas. No one was seriously hurt.

"I think it's gotten blown out of proportion," Folger said Friday. "It wasn't what it sounds like it was."

The outburst occurred about 11 p.m., during the demolition derby's next-to-last event, the sheriff said.

"I think some of them were saying that some others had cars that were more souped-up than they were supposed to have," Folger said.

Folger said Friday morning that he'd received many media calls about the scuffle.

Events at the annual Lincoln County fair usually include a demolition derby, but never quite like this one, the sheriff said.

"There have been fights that have occurred before in the pits at the demolition derby. But this probably is first time I can remember of a fight occurring out on the track," he said.

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