Lexington-based eCampus launches online-learning division

July 3, 2014 


Greg French, left, leads Lexington-based eTechCampus, which provides digital classroom materials. eCampus CEO Matt Montgomery, right, says more schools are using mobile devices.


In response to the rapid infusion of mobile devices being used in K-12 classrooms, the Lexington-based online bookseller eCampus.com has founded a new division called eTechCampus.

The division focuses on digital learning, or student learning strengthened through the use of technology.

CEO Matt Montgomery said in the past two years, company executives saw that more than 80 percent of the K-12 schools who were their customers had started providing all of their students with a mobile device. This created a greater demand for digital materials such as electronic textbooks and online course materials.

Montgomery hired Greg French to lead eTechCampus. French had spearheaded a program in Woodford County Schools in which each student and teacher in the classroom was learning and using an iPad.

The business has quickly expanded, leading to the hiring of experts in digital learning and online course development, French said.

eTechCampus is able to help a school, college or corporation transition to an online learning environment by offering consulting, staff training, and online course creation, French said.

This past year, eTechCampus has released a new product, the Converge Learning Management System. The system allows any organization to quickly take their educational programs online, he said.

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